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End my sorrow
We are a danish melodic metalband called "End my sorrow" After almost 20 years of struggeling, our debut album is finally out, via Art gates records. It has been an almost "Anvil" kind of trip.
The 3 radiosingles are: Wither Away, Broken, because of you (poverballet)
What started out as mostly gothic doom, soon started to grow... Not before long, the songwriting got more exploring, and though there's still some gothic and doom influences "no doubt about it" the music has become a unique structure which is quite hard to put in a specific genre! We get inspired by so many different types of music, not strictly metal "but most" that the style, cant be described as anything else than "End my sorrow", a style that contains Groove, up-tempo, down-tempo, male and female vocals, energy, melancoly, distortion, acoustic, death, thrash, doom and so much more. Judge for yourself!

Album: Of ghostly echoes (2016) Of ghostly echoes, is out worldwide via Art gates records, and was so nov the 25th 2016.

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# (PST) Name length Rating
1 9:00 Wither Away 05:05 3
2 9:05 Show Burning Red 05:20 3
3 9:10 Past Horizons 05:01 3
4 9:15 Shapes Of Darkness 05:10 3
5 9:20 From A Distance 03:41 3
6 9:24 Flaming Heart 04:59 3
7 9:29 Because Of You 06:15 3
8 9:36 War Of The Blind 05:13 3
9 9:41 Behind The Truth 03:33 3
10 9:45 Broken 05:28 3
11 9:50 Dead End 07:04 3