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Last Featured on this show Febuary 5, 2016

Irina Von Brazil

Based in Nantes, France, Irina Von Brazil plays a rollercoaster shaped indie rock, going from smoothing calmness to sonorous explosion.
After the self-production of their first EP in 2013, they were signed by the Black Desert Records label for the release of a second EP, Polarity.
The band then makes a turn towards a rock based on contrasting reliefs and melodic expansions.
Their music could be a crossing point between Radiohead and Archive or ASIWYFA and Oceansize.
On stage, Irina Von Brazil is full to the brim with emotions, carrying its rock with a
beautiful and delicate intensity.





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11:34 GREENFIRE Wicked Ways
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1:54 Les Paul s (The Paul s) Temples in the Rain