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Last Featured on this show Febuary 12, 2016

Uncommon Evolution
We are a hard rock band from Whitefish Montana who formed in 2013. We hooked up with producer Alberto De Icaza at The Machine Shop in New Jersey to record our first EP. Then we played all over the North West for a year and were invited to play at
SXSW festival in Texas in 2015 and we recorded our next EP, Live Now Pay Later, at the freshly relocated Machine shop just outside Austin right after the band Clutch wrapped their new record up there. Currently, their producer, Machine, is going to record our first full length LP later this year. and we are looking forward to a great adventure touring there and back again.

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(PST) Artist Name
9:00 Jeff Campbell In Spite of Everything EP
9:19 Uncommon Evolution Chop n' Block
9:23 Barley Bouffler Mysterious Man
9:29 Doug Cash Fool Play 2
9:32 Mario Tomic Lines Loneliness
9:36 Sienna Morgan Ragdoll
9:39 The Silverbeets Into The Trap
9:43 AirCrash Detectives Sweet Christine
9:47 Cornelious Horn Going Blind
9:51 Dan McCarthy When The Light Fades
9:53 Flowers in Syrup Getting Closer
9:57 Glen Ross I Scream
10:02 Jupiter In Velvet The Beauty of U
10:07 LOST GENERATION Klaus (Reloaded)
10:12 Lynn Callihan Drop of Rain
10:15 mojomakerz Weirdiful You
10:19 Morgan s Road Dang Diggity
10:24 Riff Reign You Are The Best Thing In My Life
10:28 The Silverbeets Passenger Side
10:33 Sista Jean and CB House Of The Rising Sun 
10:38 Stacked Like Pancakes Sway
10:41 Susan Sheller Chains Where Wings Used To Be
10:45 T Dawn My Words
10:50 Under The Tongue Mother Mother
10:54 Morgan s Road Turn Me On
10:58 John Ludi Sheep
11:02 Jay Woodward In Natural Order
11:04 sugar gliders revoultion girl
11:08 John Harrison If it should End tommorow
11:12 Leslie Krafka South Texas Fall
11:16 Mauro Filigheddu Music Man
11:20 Midwest Soul Xchange Kings Among Kings
11:24 Riff Reign Down To The Town
11:27 Strung Tight Bout Time
11:30 THE BOSTON SHAKERS Plastic Bag
11:33 Mauro Filigheddu Trieste
11:37 Nature airliner Time
11:40 Razors & Red Flags Mana Machine
11:43 Richard Beckholt lost and alone
11:47 Se Busca Songs About Alcohol
11:51 Ambiance Evolution Quietly, Quietly
11:55 Andy Zovko A Worried Mind
11:58 BAMIL I Hear A Voice
12:02 BIG TOOTH The Hate Blues
12:06 Brother Neil Met Her In The West
12:10 The Broux Bright Blue Sky
12:16 Cassette Feel it
12:19 Crossley Hunter Heaven Sent (I Am Not)
12:22 CUD Change Under Death  Race Car Woman
12:27 Cuebitze Acts and Deeds
12:31 D. S. Bradford Elemental Evolution (Single)
12:35 Ethan Keller Lost Dog
12:39 Silent Stranger Something About a Dream
12:43 Paul Christopher Will The Comet Collide
12:47 Eugene Capper Half a Year
12:59 Exzavier Whitley Spilled Your Life
1:01 Febria Some Trail that Leaves the Others
1:06 Fire of Caron Koda
1:09 Forge The Rubicon Spirits Of The Night
1:13 Gashunters Shake it off
1:17 Paul Christopher Relax And Take It Slow
1:21 james bloxham By your side
1:26 Karma Dealers 10,000 Angels
1:30 les snopes D'Outre Tombe
1:34 Midwest Soul Xchange Occupy the Piper
1:37 Mike Downing At the Outpost
1:41 Mike Sands  Wander No More 
1:45 Paul Christopher Angela s Overture
1:48 Mikey Jahbree Wooley Phone Call Home
1:52 MM3 Married To My Madness
1:56 The Muggs Yer Blues