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Little Dog - "Without You"
Little Dog is a three piece band that has been kickin' around Canada's capital region since 2011, playing their brand of rockin' blues. The band is run by founding member, manager, and songwriter, Dan McDonald. After 4 years of bars, Garage Band recordings, day job commitments, and a handful of member changes, Dan was finally able to record a few of the many originals that the band incorporates into their repertoire to create the mini album, 'Treats'. Be warned - this isn't your old school painfully howled blues over a beat up acoustic guitar, this is Alternative Blues.
Little Dog plays everything from the heavier end of the blues spectrum to the most classic of classic blues. Although they have great respect for the masters from the early 1900's, their influence is based on the bands that followed those masters in the modern era; Eric Clapton, Johnny Lang, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix, Billy Gibbons, Gordie Johnson and so on. Whereas those players modeled their styles after the greats, Little Dog has used their takes on the classics to be the driving part of their sound. The band doesn't 'cover' songs; they do the Little Dog version of songs.
Originals, straight up covers, reworked classics, blues, rock, and some great surprises, this band delivers every time. The band has a great mix of powerhouse vocals, catchy and modern originals, and a unique guitar style. It is entertainment that not only impresses the average listener but the seasoned musician.

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