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Last Featured on this show October 21, 2016

Saving Oliver - "Cold Wind"
Saving Oliver is a two piece acoustic alternative band from Secunda, South Africa.
The two members, Pierre and Pieter, grew up together in a small suburb in their home town. Sharing the same passion for music, the excitement of playing in a band, and the dream of creating their own music, the duo started to explore various genres and instruments, made friends with fellow musicians and formed rock bands.
Saving Oliver also started as a fully-fledged rock band, but after its inception, the band, feeling unsatisfied, was looking to play an alternative style that they weren’t used to.
After some initial difficulties, their music started to evolve into a richer sound, deep meaningful lyrics and heart-pounding drums.
The band released their debut album, “Sleeping Awake”, in October 2016 to all major online retailers and streaming services including Itunes, Spotify, Amazon and Google Play.

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