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Virtual Zero
Virtual Zero does a unique cross between grunge and pop rock changing dynamics along the way. Nobody else sounds like us. Not in Portland, not in the mainstream. Just when you think you're listening to a grunge song out comes the church organ, a panflute, or a choir of synthetic voices coming from our keyboardist we truly have an original sound that is hard to match. The band was first formed in 1998 from a name change from Irish Monkey. As Virtual Zero we started off as a metal band with a dj, which everyone seemed to have in the 90s. The band broke up not even making it to a set of over 6 original songs. Lead vocalist Andrew Zero (Stephens) wanted to be back in the music scene ten years after leaving it and brought the name Virtual Zero back. After several lineups the band solidified to the lineup today in early 2016. Our debut album The Fall can be found at cdbaby.com/cd/virtualzero3 . Instead of having 6 songs as the old lineup managed, The Fall has 16 songs with a few more under our belts. With all the bands in the city of Portland offering you music, no one can touch ours. We stand alone. Are you a zero? Do people think of you as a nobody? Its only Virtual. Find your voice with Virtual Zero.
Album: The Fall (2015)

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# (PST) Name length Rating
1 9:00 Just 02:35 3
2 9:02 I'm On Lithium 04:11 3
3 9:06 Shadow Side 03:57 3
4 9:10 Affliction (Poison In My Thoughts) 04:26 2
5 9:15 Invisible Girl part 1 04:44 2
6 9:20 Move On 04:54 2
7 9:25 On My Own 03:48 3
8 9:29 My Time 04:05 2
9 9:33 By The Runes 03:53 3
10 9:37 What Kills Me 02:51 2
11 9:40 So Wrong 03:50 2
12 9:44 Aimless Floundering 04:27 2
13 9:48 Invisible Girl part 2 03:41 2
14 9:52 Crazy 05:32 2
15 9:58 Spineless 03:45 2
16 10:01 The Fall 05:19 3