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Boomlights - "Disconnect", "Behave Like Animals", "Visitors"
We're Boomlights, a four piece Indie/Alternative band from Nashville, TN. We all moved to Music City about five years ago and started Boomlights roughly a year and a half ago. In late 2016 we released our debut EP titled the "Forty-One Fifteen Sessions" where we recorded at Forty-One Fifteen Studios in East Nashville. Bands that really influence us include Radiohead, Pixies, Pink Floyd, U2 and the Beatles.
We're currently in the process of recording a new single at the SAE Studio in the heart of the city and we hope to have that released in the next two months.
We signed with Whiskey Ghost Entertainment in late 2016 and have big plans for 2017, hopefully a full LP and some live videos/music videos to come as well.
Thank you so much for your time, we really appreciate it! We realized that we never reached out to anyone to promote this EP, we've kind of been sitting on it for almost half a year and in our quest to move forward and continue creating new songs we placed less emphasis on trying to reach anyone outside of our city.
Much love,
Tony Compton// Vocals, Guitar
Alexander Jones// Lead Guitar
Derrek Jones// Bass
Adam Puff// Drums
Forty-One Fifteen Sessions EP (2016)

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