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Black Hammer Voodoo - "Suffer"
What do you get if three guys coming from three continents join forces? Deep Dark Shit!
Black Hammer Voodoo started off in 2016 after Michiel van Leeuwen left Rusty Apollo to go on a new mission. Sam ‘Smokehouse’ Shine, fled from ‘downunder’, offered his services as guitar magician. ‘Raggende Man’ Pall Gudmundsson layed out the rhythmic foundation.
On August 27 2016 they made their successful debut on Culemborg Blues. After that they played on several Dutch Stages. In February 2017 Pall Gudmundsson left the band and was replaced by the American Scott Powell.
To celebrate this new line-up they dived into the studio to record some new songs and shot a videoclip, ’Suffer’.
They play solid bluesrock with a psychedelic touch. With this they call the spirits of forefathers like Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters, John lee Hooker, Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan. These high priests brew a boiling Elixir of originals and very special versions of highlights of the blues tradition. Black hammer Voodoo is ready to enrich the world with ceremonies of ’Night Dancing’ and ‘Deep Dark Shit’!

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