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Last Featured on this show May 11, 2017

Howard Simon - "The Devil Every Day"
"I am a San Francisco-based singer-songwriter. My (mostly) acoustic music is based in folk and blues, with finger-style and flat-picked guitar accompanied by a small band. I have been writing songs most of my life and I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to have worked with exceptional musicians and a phenomenal recording engineer in bringing my songs to life on my two albums, "The View from this Horizon," release in 2014, and my new album, "Visitors," released in June 2016.
My songs are about love (romantic and otherwise), family, morality and mortality. The writing spans many years -- from my 20's to my 50's -- and thus the songs consider these things in many lights and through the widely differing lenses of a young man and one somewhat older (though in my case, one probably not much wiser). If there is a common thread to my songs, it is the people we love, the desire to do right, and the hope and fear, the peace and the struggle that constitute life bring wonder in addition to its joy and sadness, and sometimes loss. My music is an attempt to capture and communicate some of that wonder as I have known and imagined it throughout my life.
I hope you enjoy it.

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