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Last Featured on this show May 20, 2017

Jeff Kossack and OtherHand - "No Life After You"
Los Angeles-based songwriter/ producer Jeff Kossack (pronounced KO' zak) has produced five of his own albums, as well as albums for other writer/friends- Severin Browne, JimmyYessian, Phil Christie, The Tall Men Group, and Seattle guitar-genius Nolan Garrett, and co-wrote Eddie Money's Top 20 single, Fall in Love in Again.
His tracking room, OtherHand Recording has played host to many of L.A.'s top session players, who come to work as much as they come to simply hang out and share in this vibey and productive space. This is the collective that became his band, the OtherHand.
And in that studio, more than 70 artists have come in to take advantage of the splendid collection of gear assembled there, recording single tunes, or EPs, since 2003, when Kossack exited business to focus expressly on music..
For his newest collection, Less is the New Black, the OtherHand became a trio, at its heart, to make a more "Less" record- pared down but still retaining very full arrangements of what can only be called American music, Americana. Not wholly folk, bluegrass, blues, rock, or any genre, each tune is a blend of all. These are all lyriccentric songs, seeking to give resonance to like-feelings in like-minds.

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