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Last Featured on this show June 11, 2017

David Locklear - "Our Days", "Fork in the Road"
Music became part of my life early on. I started with drums, and by age 15, I was proficient with all percussive instruments. I always like the smooth and cool tunes my father listened to, so I picked up a guitar at age 15 and fell in love with the instrument. I admire artists like Jim Croce, Donavan, Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson, and their ability entertain thousands of folks with very few instruments. I needed to be like them. I started writing and singing and before I knew it people were paying me for what I love to do. At age 17 I made it to the blind auditions for the Voice. Since I have played with some Louisiana Legends and some artists that will be. I released my 1st EP in 2013 and a single in 2014. I am all over the web from i-Tunes to i-Heart Radio. Just Google me and you will see what I like to do. Currently I am a student in Central Louisiana and gig when I can. I will always perform music. I may not do it for my living but I will do it for you my fans and myself. It is my True Love.

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