Alan Garmonsway
Full Album show of December 18, 2018

Alan Garmonsway is a UK recording artist who spans both acoustic and rock genres. He writes original songs and records them solo and also in collaboration with other musicians. He plays keyboards, guitars, bass and percussion as well as supplying vocals, and also enjoys gigging as well as studio work, both as a solo performer and as part of various bands.
Album: The Bridge (2018)
Most of the songs on this album were written in the first half of 2018 and relate to different phases of my life. I spent the Summer in the recording studio working on them over a couple of months. My first recording 'take' usually involves either a keyboard or acoustic guitar, then I add some bass and drums. Once I have this core, I let the other instrumentation develop just depending on what sounds right. I really enjoyed making 'The Bridge' album, particularly as, despite the overdubbing, I can still create the right atmosphere playing the songs solo at live  gigs.

# Pacific   Time Name length Rating Notes
1 8:00 AM & 8:00 PM All The Way Back 03:47 4 New song
2 8:03 AM & 8:03 PM Chosen Years 04:14 4 New song
3 8:08 AM & 8:08 PM Standing In The Rain 03:37 4 New song
4 8:11 AM & 8:11 PM To The Vendee 04:38 4 New song
5 8:16 AM & 8:16 PM A Veteran's Tale 03:55 4 New song
6 8:20 AM & 8:20 PM Banned From The Bridge 03:56 4 New song


Full Album show of August 6, 2018

Alan writes, records and performs songs in quite a few different styles, but broadly acoustic, roots and rock genres. He has played in both rock and roots bands and now spends much of his time on solo work. Sometimes he collaborates with other artists, most recently with vocalist Anne Cuningham, and regularly appears on Lonely Oak Radio. Based in the UK and France, Alan is releasing a new solo EP 'City Canvas' and has plans for further recording projects in the near future.
City Canvas EP (2018)
My new ep, City Canvas, takes me into a more keyboard-led rock style. The songs have been written at different times, but have one thing in common, all inspired by special people and cities that have been part of my own journey through life. In recording the album, I didn't collaborate, maybe because some of the songs were a bit too personal, so it's me playing all instruments and vocals.
Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy City Canvas.

# (PST) Name length Rating Notes
1 9:00 Our Different Ways 05:22 4
2 9:05 Warwick Revisited Pts I-III 05:33 4
3 9:11 Waiting All Day 04:23 4
4 9:15 American Dream 05:44 4
5 9:21 Good Friends 06:19 4
6 9:27 Song for Sue 02:28 4

Full Album show
of May 22, 2018

Alan Garmonsway with special guest Anne Cunningham
Alan Garmonsway is a singer/songwriter from the UK. He has set up BestRoomSongs to promote his original recorded songs and has recently released an album 'Ridgeway', collaborating with previous band colleague, singer Anne Cunningham. In their previous band they provided concert support to the likes of Julie Felix, Acoustic Fairport Convention and Show of Hands.
They also have a track on one of the Palers' Project albums, songs of Procol Harum, which are endorsed by the band.
Alan writes songs in an 'acoustic/roots style with twists of blues, ballad and rock', and in the studio plays keyboards, guitars, bass and drums as well as some vocals. The album contains 13 tracks, including a seasonal bonus single, 'City Park Christmas'.
Live, he plays keyboard and his trusty old 'Simon & Patrick' 12-string.
Plans for the future are to record a new album with Anne as well as promoting 'Ridgeway' both live and on the Internet.
Album: Ridgeway (2017)
Ridgeway has 13 varied tracks of original acoustic/roots style music, but arranged often with guitar, bass, drum and keyboard. The songs are influenced by performers such as Gerry Rafferty, Jimmy Rankin (and the original Rankin Family) and Mary Black. On this album Alan has collaborated with singer Anne Cunningham to provide her distinctive female vocals, which enhance many of the songs in many different ways.
We wish you happy listening! It was a lot of fun and hard work getting the album to this stage, and we look forward to performing it live and starting the follow-up album. It's available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play etc and cds can be ordered from

# (PST) Name length Rating Notes
1 9:00 One Way Conversations 03:42 3
2 9:05 Long Hard Winter 03:17 3
3 9:09 Our Heroes 02:58 4
4 9:12 Industrial Gypsies 03:46 4
5 9:17 Lady Mary 04:46 3
6 9:24 Close to You 02:45 3
7 9:28 Mariner's Landing 02:28 4
8 9:35 Roseanne 03:40 4
9 9:39 Train Wheels 04:14 3
10 9:49 Wintertime in Paris 03:33 3
11 9:53 Heaven Made 03:17 4
12 9:57 Ridgeway 03:29 4