EVP/Psychle Studio is an experimental, eclectic band of various musicians, I am William along with longtime bandmate Linda, we hope you enjoy the music. EVP began this journey into the musical unknown in the summer of 2009. We began by spending days in the studio recording mostly cover songs. This was basically for us to gain our "footing" and get to a place where a "sound" began to develop.
Perhaps some of those early recordings will be put up for a listen here, but many will never see the light of day...and thankfully so. As our sound grew, our equipment did as well. We have been adding string, percussion and/or electronic trinkets to our collection throughout this time and are now at a place where our recordings sound better than ever. EVP consists of William K. Ball and Linda Bombolino with a possible guest musician on occasion helping out in the studio. William plays the guitars and keyboards, while Linda utilizes the keyboard and percussion instrumentation. Both do lead and backing vocals on most recordings sometimes one standing out while the other adds an ethereal backing that has become part of the EVP sound. The name EVP come from a ghost hunting technique called Electronic Voice Phenomenon. So who knows, maybe you will on occasion hear a guest vocalist we didn't even know we had! - HA HA! It's all about fun!

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of of January 18, 2019

Album: Synapse (2019)

Everything from a 1961 U.F.O. incident to murder mysteries in Right With Me and Marquee Lights to Bonnie and Clyde in In '32...on to American nostalgia in Gold Americana and On '66 to a legendary blood sucking creature called Chupacabra, oh and the ocasional love song. A representation of the random nature of our thoughts. Hope there is something there you enjoy.

# Pacific   Time Name length Rating Notes
1 8:00 AM & 8:00 PM On 66 03:58 4
2 8:04 AM & 8:04 PM The Dream of the Valley 04:49 3
3 8:08 AM & 8:08 PM Hill Incident 1961 05:14 3 New song
4 8:14 AM & 8:14 PM In '32 05:27 4 New song
5 8:19 AM & 8:19 PM Gold Americana 05:13 4 New song
6 8:25 AM & 8:25 PM Everything in its' Place 05:36 4 New song
7 8:30 AM & 8:30 PM Outside of Love 04:56 4 New song
8 8:35 AM & 8:35 PM Out of Bounds 06:01 4 New song
9 8:41 AM & 8:41 PM Heart that you have won (1) 05:14 4 New song
10 8:47 AM & 8:47 PM Shot in the Dark 04:29 3 New song
11 8:51 AM & 8:51 PM Right With Me 07:40 3 New song
12 8:59 AM & 8:59 PM Marquee Lights 06:53 3 New song
13 9:06 AM & 9:06 PM CHUPACABRA3 03:41 4 New song

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of of May 19 2015

William K. Ball, founder of 2006's Psychle Studio, a music production and performance project, joined with Linda Bombolino in 2009 to form EVP. EVP is a somewhat eclectic studio band who's song subjects range from the supernatural to historic events to crime stories. Some of EVPs songs are accompanied by videos on youtube on the williamkball channel. Evp has a small but ardent following dating back to the Psychle Studio days. Psychle Studio still remains active, but EVP is it's main derivative.

# Song length
1 gold americana 05:15
2 wild tidings 05:08
3 hysteria from mercury 06:51
4 The wishing well 06:23
5 right with me 07:43
6 everything in it s place 04:52
7 in  32 05:28
8 marquee lights 06:54
9 maple lane 06:37
10 hill incident 1961 05:16

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