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December 10, 2017

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Tiffany Gow

Welcome Dear Fans, Friends And Music Industry Professionals To The Official Tiffany Gow Biography! Thank you so very much for visiting!
I am incredibly proud to hail from the blue collar, steel city of Newcastle NSW Australia and go from strength to strength within the recording studio/live performances, whilst receiving significant International Music Industry success and recognition.
My passion for Singing. Songwriting and performing live, originated as a determined and ambitious music student. I studied vocal techniques in multiple genres for numerous years and continue to enthusiastically perform LIVE, write and arrange original music, as well as collaborate with incredibly talented local, national and international Artists and Producers, including: Peter Stevenson (Turnaround Music) , Adrian Hannan (The Songstore) and Phil Tweed (Style Music).
In conjunction with being an enthusiastic, dynamic, passionate and successful Rock/Metal Singer/Songwriter/Performer, I have also had the honour of studying Voice Over Techniques with renowned Voice Over Artist: Mr Gary Mac. Gary was the original founder of the Melbourne Radio School and has an impressive Voice Over and commercial Radio Resume.
My live performances include playing my own original material, cover bands, corporate events, talent quests and Artist Showcases.
Career Accolades and Achievements/Honours include : My self funded debut album 'No Fear' in 2005. Within same year of this release, my first recorded track 'One Night' had the honour of being included as a Semi Finalist in the International Songwriting Competition (ISC) - gaining International exposure and Music Industry recognition. Followed was my first E.P. This release featured 10 collaborations with one Australian and eight International Artists from countries such as Spain, Argentina and France.
In 2006, I discovered a life and career changing website called Sellaband.com.
Sellaband is a music investment site that allows Independent/Unsigned artists an incredible opportunity to record a full length album with the faith of fans and music enthusiasts on a global scale.The required goal was to raise a recording budget of US $50,000. I am very honoured to be the 3rd Australian and 27th International Artist to achieve this tremendous goal in 2008. I then ventured into the studio to record my incredibly exciting 2nd album : 'Deeply Drowning In Deception', proudly released in 2010.
2007 saw an amazing Australian Artist Showcase held in Sydney - '4 Bands, 1 Dream'.
This Showcase was a brilliant initiative drawn from 4 incredible artists who prominently featured on Sellaband.com
The Australian showcase was performed at renowned Sydney venue - The Annandale Hotel. The show was extremely successful, with over 300 tickets sold. In 2010 two of my original songs 'Take Me Away' and 'Faith', were announced in the Top 25 of the Australian Songwriting Association Awards (ASA), with 'Take Me Away winning 7th place out of 10 Finalists in the Contemporary Rock/Indie Category and 'Faith' receiving an honourable mention.
In 2013, 3 successful new tracks were born. 'Two originals songs 'Alive' and 'Free' plus a brilliant collaboration 'Angels Falling' with Argentinian metal outfit - 'Edenlord'. All 3 tracks received positive responses from music Industry professionals and fans alike. These heartfelt tracks are extremely close to my heart, emphasising that you can triumph over pain and convey the important message that you really can create your own success and soul happiness.
In 2016, a new, fresh Voice Over Artist Showreel was created and a launch into the Voice Over Industry was activated.
To view my 2016 Voice Over Showreel, as well as over 50 original music clips/songs - PLEASE DO JOIN AND SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL AT YOUTUBE : www.youtube.com/tiffanygow
2016 also saw two of my tracks 'Numb' and 'Take Me Away' featured in the TOP 30 SHORTLIST of the 'Your Music Out Loud In The USA' International Songwriting Competition. 'Numb' was honoured to be rewarded 6th Place Finalist. My prize was a personal Mentorship Meeting with the brilliant, successful Songwriter: Mr Alan Roy Scott. Alan has worked with Artists such as: Celine Dion, Cyndi Lauper, Gloria Estefan, Sheena Easton, The Neville Brothers, Pat Benatar and many, many more! Providing me with song structure guidance, critiques and career inspiration.
My exciting brand new single 'Broken' was recorded with Platinum Award Winning, Australian Producer: Adrian Hannan Of The Songstore, Melbourne. 'Broken' is a combination of hard rock and metal, with the influences of Evanescene, Paramore and Bon Jovi. To date the Official 'Broken' Video has 11,000 Views on Facebook. Please do view at: www.facebook.com/TiffanyGowArtist
Within the same period of 'Broken', a remix of one of my tracks will also be released. The Producer of these tracks is a major US Billboard Chart Topping Producer and whose name shall be released with the release!
2017 has seen my music climb incredible heights, with my material being picked up and given major airtime on multiple International Commercial, Internet and Community Radio Stations. Including renowned LA TALK RADIO, Fame Music Radio - South Africa, Radio Indie Alliance, The Rising Star Ventures Radio Network - USA, SWR FM 99.9 AUSTRALIA, Aussie Ossie Radio - Lake Macquarie 97.3 FM, The Paul Mac Super Indie Show - Hamilton Radio, Banks Radio Australia - amongst many others! FOR LIVE PERFORMANCE EVENTS. YOUR VOICE OVER REQUIREMENTS, CONTRACTUAL AND MANAGEMENT INQUIRIES, PLEASE DO CONTACT : tiffany@tiffanygow.com
EMAIL: tiffany@tiffanygow.com
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/TiffanyGowArtist/www.facebook.com/tiffanygow
OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.tiffanygow.com
YOUTUBE: www.youtube.com/tiffanygow
Album: Tiffany Gow Various Hits -'Broken' And 'Deeply Drowning In Deception'
Hi There Dear Fans, Friends And Music Industry Professionals! This is a fantastic collection of my original work to date. Includes my latest successful single 'Broken' and various hits from my 2 albums 'Deeply Drowning In Deception' and 'No Fear'. 'Broken' to date has the honour of 11,000 Views of the Official Video on Facebook. Please do join me at: www.facebook.com/TiffanyGowArtist 
And also please feel free to visit me at the following sites!
Thank you so very much guys! Very much appreciate your supporting an Independent Artist. Tiffany Gow
EMAIL: tiffany@tiffanygow.com
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/TiffanyGowArtist/www.facebook.com/tiffanygow
OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.tiffanygow.com

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# (PST) Name length Rating Notes
1 9:00 Liar Liar 04:04 4
2 9:04 No Fear 04:52 4
3 9:09 Numb 03:16 4
4 9:12 Heading For A Fall 03:48 4
5 9:16 Faith 03:43 3
6 9:20 Alive 03:51 4
7 9:24 Broken 03:59 4
8 9:28 Free 03:36 4
9 9:31 Take Me Away 04:36 4

Full album Featured Artist

Dharma Kings  

Austin based, Dharma Kings, is a band fueled by equal parts of tequila and testosterone.Their harder edge sound is forged from a fusion of multiple genres and eyewitness realism. These veteran rockers have provided direct support for Ace Frehley, Cypress Hill, Otep, Stryper, LA Guns, Lynch Mob, Creed, Flock of Seagulls, Faster Pussycat, Bullet Boys, Grim Reaper, Dangerous Toys, Puddle of Mudd and the list keeps growing. Dharma Kings have been featured at many outdoor festivals including Batfest, ROT Rally and the Heart of Texas Rockfest.
They have also rocked out with Eddie Trunk. Live, the Dharma Kings are in your face with music that feeds your mind while you head bang your rage away. Are they villains or victors......only you can decide

Notes for the artist
: This page will always be here under your name in "Featured Artists". You can always send us an updated Bio using 'CONTACT' on Menu at the top of page.

# (PST) Artist Name length Rating Notes
10 9:36 Dharma Kings Jehovah's Lament 04:29 4
11 9:41 Phillip Foxley It's Up To Us! (acoustic version) 03:22 4 New song
12 9:44 TolbertToz Hallelujah 03:59 5
13 9:48 Bellman We Are The Guns 03:23 4
14 9:52 DocFell & co. Dog and Pony Show 03:25 4
15 9:55 Faith & Harry Last Christmas 04:29 4 New song
16 10:00 Gail Everett Quite Like You 03:44 4
17 10:03 Hegarty  lonely for to long 03:36 4
18 10:07 KeithShaw (It's A) Race To The Bottom 03:03 4 New song
19 10:10 Kim Smith Back in Time 03:34 4
20 10:14 Skidbone We Love 03:44 4
21 10:18 St.Cyr-White Mexico 03:04 4
22 10:21 St.Cyr-White The Ususal Suspectz 03:57 4
23 10:25 TolbertToz The Wall 07:02 4
24 10:32 TolbertToz Driving Home for Christmas 04:10 4
25 10:36 Truth in Advertising I Get A Femur 04:07 4
26 10:40 Victor Samalot El Hombre Sin Nombre 03:01 4
27 10:44 W. Dire Wolff Waiting on Tulsa 04:42 4
28 10:48 Violent Divine Faith 04:19 4
29 10:53 Non Duo Turn Around 03:48 4
30 10:57 Angus Powell Lines 03:36 4
31 11:00 Foxpalmer Fault 04:41 4
32 11:05 Roger Gomez She's Always Landing On Her Feet 03:13 4
33 11:08 Remedies High As The Moon 03:05 4
34 11:12 The Scorched Ghosts 03:10 4
35 11:15 Sonic X Save Yourself 04:05 4
36 11:19 White of the Waves Shimmer 04:52 4
37 11:24 Black Horse Motel Where The Money Comes From 02:42 4
38 11:27 Borrowed Body Over the Garden Wall 03:38 4
39 11:30 Drive On Mak Outlaw 02:47 4
40 11:33 Flimsy Daddy Like 03:14 4
41 11:37 The Flowered Gnomes Moon Dust Lady 04:08 4
42 11:41 The Flowered Gnomes Back To Me 03:49 4
43 11:45 Greyscale Manor Untitled 03:01 4
44 11:48 James B Stolen Spark 03:50 4
45 11:52 Joon Wolfsberg Save Him 03:08 4
46 11:55 JoosTVD Roll Into A Ball 03:29 4
47 11:59 Jupiter In Velvet Til' The End of The World 04:12 4
48 12:03 Kath & The Kicks Billy and the pool cue 03:30 4
49 12:06 Landspeeder Telephone Head 04:14 4
50 12:11 Maureen & The Mercury 5 The Keepin' Kind 03:03 4
51 12:14 Michael Quest Midnight Avenue 02:49 4
52 12:17 Moaning Lisas Let's Just Ride 04:05 4
53 12:21 Naryan Ungettable 04:50 4
54 12:26 Pull Recognize me 03:56 4
55 12:30 Space Cushion Walk Away 03:54 4
56 12:34 Black Horse Motel Take It Back 04:54 4
57 12:39 COBALTO Liquido blu 04:21 4
58 12:43 Colch Echo Of Destiny 05:19 4
59 12:49 Daniel Fogel Stick Your Nose In 03:13 4
60 12:52 James B Shining On 04:52 4
61 12:57 Jason Kirkness It's What I Like About U 02:24 4
62 12:59 Jimmy Lee Morris Future's We Plan Become the Memories of the Past 03:13 4
63 1:03 Joon Wolfsberg These Weeks 03:25 4
64 1:06 Jupiter In Velvet In2 the Arms of Love 04:02 4
65 1:10 The Pieces of Mind Neighbour Neighbour 03:30 4
66 1:14 Petrella Working in the USA 03:18 4
67 1:17 J.Delfino Alive 03:31 4
68 1:21 J.Delfino I'm Despising You 03:18 4
69 1:24 Scott Smith Determination 04:42 3
70 1:29 Alan Garmonsway & Anne Cunningham Train Wheels 04:14 3
71 1:33 Fiona Ross The Sex 03:16 3 New song
72 1:37 Deborah Moore Christmas in the Dakotas 03:59 3
73 1:41 Gail Everett Latin Fun 03:02 3
74 1:44 Me G Christmas Ivy 02:41 3 New song
75 1:47 JJesus Going with the flow 03:16 3
76 1:50 Andrew Darlin Show me some love 02:53 3
77 1:53 saskia vese say hello 03:25 3
78 1:56 TheKunig Be Ashamed 03:12 3