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August 15, 2018

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Hi, we're Templeton Universe - an indie, raunchy, alternative, rock band from the klein Karoo, South Africa. I started off as a solo musician, 'Templeton', and morphed into 'Templeton Universe' when my band started coming together (thanks to my soul mate and bass guitarist, Cherie Roe Dirksen - no, she's not my sister...lol). I've been in loads of bands: 'Birdhouse', 'First Black President', 'The Bends' (Cherie was also in this band with me), 'Band of Hats' and 'mc²' (Cherie and me doing covers) from 1994 onwards, so we've been around the block. Our passion is to bring raw, good, cosmic vibes into the world via our music. We also feel strongly about shifting into a new way of being/thinking in the world and write a lot about what some call the 'awakening' or 'quickening' experience and other important global issues.
Headspace (2012)
After two years in the making, I feel elated and relieved to have a new album out in the ether. I have chosen the title of “Headspace”, well for many reasons, one being that for the past two years I’ve had a head full of songs — some finished, some totally in their infancy.
“ Science fiction has turned into science fact…. and henceforth “HeadSpace” was born.”
Another strong theme on this album is Science Fiction and after reading many a Zecharia Sitchen novel, watching the Ancient Alien TV shows, and listened to Coast 2 Coast during my bouts of insomniac evenings. Science fiction has turned into science fact…. and henceforth “HeadSpace” was born.
Below is an in-depth review of each song:
1. Anticipation Frustration Well, I don’t know if it’s just 2012, but I started feeling this intense restless energy around June 2010. The first few lines of this song do say it all…”can’t speak, can’t sleep, can’t eat….” Well I’m sure we all go through this at some point, but I have never experienced such energy on such an immense and prolonged scale. This song speaks of dealing with that energy, and a knowing that something is lurking on the horizon?
On a musical note, I’d like the listener to look out for the tasty beats that were created using “Propellorheads — Reason” program (just love it) and also some new guitar sounds were conjured up with the help of “Guitar Rig”. Was going to start off the album with “Galactic Rider” but this one got the vote as the intro song…
2. Stop Star This was inspired by the Sumerian tablets as translated by Zecharia Sitchen. It tells a story of an ancient race (The Annunaki) who traveled from their planet Niburu to our Earth in search of gold…I won’t go into the whole story, but it has changed the way I look at earth history and can recommend everyone to read these chronicles. As the chorus suggests, I still have more questions…. Who would have thought that this piece started out as an acoustic folky song — oh, keep the computers at bay!?!
3. Facebook Status I wrote this song after watching “Schindlers List” back in the 90′s, I was also touched by the “Diary of Anne Frank” — so it has a WW2 theme to it. The song however got shelved and forgotten. I decided to resurrect it for this album and fell in love with it again. The name “Facebook Status” came up after reading people’s newsfeeds and how utterly “fake” our lives seem to be. Social networking, as much as it is a gift, can also strip us of our integrity.
4. World in a Glass There are certain moments when a musician is handed a song on a plate. This was one of those moments, from verse to chorus and all the bits in between — it took 15 minutes to write. I only had a cellphone, nearby so the demo is still on there.
As for the meaning of the lyrics, well I’m still trying to make out what the music spirit was trying to convey that night. Something about us all being trapped behind a veil, a glass, a sordid past and then breaking free into…we’ll wait and see?
5. All in One This piece of music grew organically and evolved several times as the months went by. I have got into the habit of finding a particular sound or drum beat and then just going with the flow and seeing where one lands up.
6. Slow Emotion Here’s another song that was resurrected from the archives. I had recorded this with an earlier band. We all liked this song but I always felt that it was never complete. Now was as good a time as any to revive this heart pleading emotional song — may the words speak for themselves.
7. Morning Glory I wrote this song whilst living in England. It came to me after awakening from what felt like an eternity of sleep. I felt as if I’d returned from a far away journey and had just been given the answer to life…wish I could remember! This song features 8 acoustic guitars and 12 vocal overdubs.
8. Exhale This is probably the most commercial/pop-like song on the album. What can I say, I’m still a hopeless romantic. This is a fictional piece about seeing someone who takes your breath away and yet it’s a love that can never be.
9. Necessary There are about seven different versions of this song all written around 4 lines. I decided to combine three different takes of this piece to make up the one whole. Confused, great! I know I am…
10. I’m afraid to ask, but… This was meant to be a classical piece and once again it turned into a beast of it’s own making. The song speaks of the daily stress of our 3D linear lives — especially regarding money, loans, financial throttling and red tape, etc. In the crescendo, one transcends the grips of these limitations and wakes up in a money-free, wondrous world (see Ubuntu Contributionism).
11. Galactic Rider This was the first song recorded for the CD and sort of set the standard for the rest of the album. It’s my vision of ascension and crossing through boundless dimensions. This song was totally organic as it was not written on any instrument and had no” verse/chorus” structure. It grew from what it was to the metamorphic is-ness that it is now. - The End

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# (PT) Name length Rating Notes
1 9:00 Anticipation Frustration 03:00 4
2 9:03 Stop Star 06:12 3
3 9:09 Facebook Status 03:50 4
4 9:13 World in a Glass 03:24 4
5 9:16 All in One 05:56 3
6 9:22 Slow Emotion 03:17 4
7 9:26 Morning Glory 05:12 4
8 9:31 Exhale 03:14 4
9 9:34  Necessary 05:21 4
10 9:40 I'm afraid to ask, but 04:23 3
11 9:44 Galactic Rider 03:38 4

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My name is Aaron Taylor aka (Taylored) from West Yorkshire, I came across your radio station on the internet I have been writing and recording music for the better part of 20 years as a rap/rnb artist with various groups. I have played the guitar whilst in these groups but have always been influenced by soul, indie, and blues. Whilst I am influenced by multiple genres, I am what some may consider a floater amongst the musical genres, My style of music is Influenced by the likes of Oasis, Michael Kiwanuka, Gary Clarke Jr, Musiq Soulchild, REM and Darius Rucker which is why one some may sound soulful whilst another may have the indie pop feel. I just write and record the way I feel in the moment so if that should be one genre or another then so be it 'I just enjoy putting pen to paper and writing'.
I have just got back into recording the songs I have written over the past 5 years and making music with a more guitar-based feel.

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# (PT) Artist Name length Rating Notes
12 9:48 Taylored Bright Lights Big City 04:08 4 New song
13 9:52 Excorde Star-crossed 04:21 4 New song
14 9:57 Nadya Sudjaja Path for Love 04:08 4 New song
15 10:01 Reise Cannot Say (Single Version) 04:03 4
16 10:05 The Refusers Playing With Fire 03:13 4
17 10:08 W. Dire Wolff Sweet and Painful 05:32 4
18 10:14 Alan Garmonsway Waiting All Day 04:23 4
19 10:18 Forge The Rubicon Going Down 03:57 4
20 10:22 Lost Generation I Don't Have To Die For You 03:36 5
21 10:26 Keith Morris & the Crooked Numbers Thousand Mile Stairs 04:23 4
22 10:30 Forge The Rubicon Reckless Heart 03:55 4
23 10:34 All Taken Smells Like Mistakes 02:40 4
24 10:37 Gordon Ellis & Steel Good Times 03:44 4 New song
25 10:41 Lovely is to the Bone Dont You Understand Love 04:02 4
26 10:45 Lovely is to the Bone Sunshine 03:12 4
27 10:48 Max and the Ducks Everything Has Its Time 03:38 4
28 10:52 The Danbees Down At The Bar 02:36 4 New song
29 10:55 Vovkulaka The Dark Empty 03:50 4
30 10:59 Shadowperimeter SilentTreatment 03:25 4
31 11:02 Halo Be With You 05:31 4
32 11:08 Over The Moon Old Alberta Moon 03:13 4
33 11:11 Gentlemen of rock and roll Smartphone Zombie 04:08 4
34 11:15 Trendlaser Witch 04:07 4
35 11:20 Andy Bandlord Bissell Another Drink 06:03 4
36 11:26 Jeffrey Dallet band Someday 02:41 4
37 11:28 Allen and Douglas Down To The Market 03:06 4
38 11:32 Joey Aces and The Deal NoWords 04:35 4
39 11:36 Les Paul's (The Paul's) Hollywood Town 05:08 4
40 11:42 Mississippi Riot Run And Hide 04:08 4
41 11:46 Nicole Berke Black Moon 04:02 4
42 11:50 Reise Thought You Should Know 04:20 4
43 11:54 Replicant Theory Icarus 08:14 4
44 12:03 Richard Gilbert On The Run 03:54 4
45 12:07 Servants of Science Burning in the Cold (Live) 09:42 4
46 12:16 Shaune Walt Not That Different (Getting Rid of the R Word) 03:08 4
47 12:20 Siracuse Control 04:21 4
48 12:24 Steve Hewitt Move On 04:04 4
49 12:28 The Infinity Process Matters of Life and Death 03:54 4
50 12:32 The Scene Stealers Sunshine 04:18 4
51 12:37 Yury Lyamkin Everyone Wants 03:36 4
52 12:40 AirCrash Detectives Magic Man 03:31 4
53 12:44 Alan Fish Wrong Side of the River 03:05 4
54 12:47 Allen and Douglas Lo Lo Lo 04:11 4
55 12:51 Coco Scott Obsession 03:38 4
56 12:55 Confused By Zebras The Girl That Can't Say No 04:30 4
57 1:00 Denise Marsa Time to Drive 03:45 4
58 1:03 Our House, Lake of The Woods, MN Chemical-Queen 05:46 4
59 1:09 Gail Everett Quite Like You 03:44 4
60 1:13 j c james After All 03:29 3
61 1:17 Mick J Clark Anuther Sunny Hulliday 04:12 3 New song
62 1:21 St.Cyr-White This is the Life 03:12 3
63 1:24 Wilson Daniels Whiskey Bride 03:49 3
64 1:28 SomeWhere OutHere Illusion 02:59 3
65 1:31 Ronn van Etten FEAR 04:08 3 New song
66 1:35 Wendy Clark Band Last Time I Called You Baby 03:31 3 New song
67 1:39 Kill The Beast Band You can't call my name 03:54 3
68 1:43 Katiebeth Here I Am 04:00 3
69 1:47 Steve Andrews Where Does All The Plastic Go? 02:14 3
70 1:49 Deb Wattes So Lonely 02:57 3
71 1:52 don ewaldo the angels whispering about us 03:01 3
72 1:55 Environmental Sound Foundation 200 Seconds 04:02 2 New song