Music Promotion

We do promote your music for free:
- We play your song(s) or your Album(s) as soon we receive it in the next "New Music" show.
- We rotate your song(s) as often we can: 5 Oaks songs rotate every 30 days, 4 Oaks songs rotate every 45 days, 3 Oaks songs every 90 days.
- We play your songs for 8 months in "New music show (as described above).
- We play your 5 and 4 Oaks songs for ever in "Indie shuffle" and "Rock on"
- In Total we play 18 hours of indie music per day and as soon we have enough songs we'll become an Indie-only music radio.


Do you have a new song or Album that you like to promote further? You can. For every dollar you spend, we play any of your song(s) twice per day for the amount of the dollars you provide. All the songs qualify for this promotion -
Check our "Star System" - Furthermore we have the following Offers.

- For all New submissions you can have an extra 5 days for every 20 Dollars that you spend.
Promo code provided after  you submit your Song.
- New Offer #1 - For 50 Dollars we rotate your song(s) twice per day, every day for 2 full months.
- New Offer #2 - For 100 Dollars we can play your song(s) twice per day, for 130 days, in rotation.

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- You can add, remove or change songs from your original list at any time during the promotional period.
- We let you know the exact time your music will play, and #nowplaying while it plays with plenty of info
  about your song   from
- We let you know how many more days your promotion will last.