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Musician for over 15 years, Joe Scheller is known for his versatility in instrumentation and genuine, contagious passion for music. Surrounded by music from a young age, Joe's own personal inspiration originates from his saxophonist grandfather who put his heart and drive into creating something which touched others.
Music teacher by trade, singer/songwriter by night, Joe's latest project, EP Remembering the Atlas, holds tribute to his original works created over the course of several years. His inspiration centers around the "atlas" of others' memories as well as his own experiences which translated into music.
Illustrating his wealth of instrumental knowledge, Joe's Remembering the Atlas is a collaborative product of storytelling and turning visions into reality.
(PST) Artist Song length
2:00 Joe Scheller Two Weeks Notice 04:59
2:05 Joe Scheller Here And Gone 04:17
2:09 Joe Scheller Lets Live In San Dimas 04:02
2:13 Joe Scheller Letters From Camp 04:40
2:18 Joe Scheller The Tread Is Gone 06:07

Mos Bros. Will and Bobby are twin brothers, originally from North Carolina. They have been writing songs since their early teens and have never stopped… The brothers have had minor successes throughout their careers ranging from publishing deals, radio play and sharing venues with several mainstream acts.
Currently the duo have been in the studio putting together a new album and have just released their brand new EP entitled ‘three”. They see this as an opportunity to get back to their roots and make music that people can identify with, that deals with the reality of everyday life. The superficiality and shallowness of the music industry today is something they have purposefully turned their backs on. Bobby and Will hope their music resonates in some way with everyone. In order to do this they have maintained their independence as artists and make their own rules when it comes to their music.
Right now, the brothers are giving away songs for FREE that will be on their forthcoming album. Sign up and enter your email to get four free downloads and see why people are saying, ”This is music written for real people who want to listen to real music”. Their forth coming 13 song album, Hold the Sky, is set to be released Winter 2015.

(PST) Artist Song length
2:24 mos bros Devil's Lullaby 03:32
2:27 mos bros Better Days 04:04
2:31 mos bros The Getaway 03:49