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You are not sure which of your songs we already have? Click this link: Submitted Music

What happens after you submit your music?

Your Songs (or Album), are sent to our  Song Database
We evaluate the tracks but mostly for recording quality and genre
We rate the songs from 0 = reject to 5 = we love it  Read more about our Star system here
The same day we schedule them for AIR play on
"New Music" show
We let you know the exact AIR play time in (PST) with a Tweet.Depending on their rating, your songs will be scheduled for ROTATION for future play   in our regular program and the "New Music" show.
When your song is 240 days in our Song Database we stop rotating it any more and stop playing it in "New Music" show unless there is a Donation made for it.
Songs over 240 days old and are rated with 4 or 5 stars are rotated inour "Open Vault" show and in our  "Indie Shuffle" show.

help us cover server hosting expenses. As we do not have and do not want to have advertisements we rely solely on our own funds to keep Lonely Oak running. For every dollar that you donate one of your songs will play one extra time the next day in the "New Music" show. A larger donation will assure that your song(s) will play for the next days (according to the size of the donation) every day.
But as always regardless of donations, we are happy that you chose Lonely Oak to promote your new work on!

Music metadata
, which is also commonly referred to as ID3 metadata, is the information embedded in an audio file that is used to identify the content. This data which is in most (if not all) of the files in your digital music library, can be used by a wide range of consumer electronic devices and software programs. The most common reason for using embedded metadata in a digital audio file is for identification purposes. The details of a song for example can be displayed during playback to make it easy for you to identify it.
Depending on the audio format used, there is a special area (normally at the start or end of the file) that is reserved for metadata that identifies the encoded audio in several ways. This information can be useful for managing and organizing your library. Examples of the types of information that can be stored in an audio file's metadata area includes:
The title of the song - The band or artist's name - The Album name that the song originates from - Type of music (genre) - Album track number - Year the song was released. Read more.