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Elizabeth Everts - Contraband
Remedies -
Delusions EP
Circus Redux -
Here Comes Everybody EP
Mia Wakefield -
Sabine -
Monique Sherrell Brown -
Life After The Blues
Raptor -

P A S T   S H O W S

Sunday, June the 16th

we present:
Paul Maged -
Fight To The Death

Saturday, June the 15th

we are happy to present  
Caster Volor
with "A Prelude To The Freak Show"

Sunday, June 9, 2019
Artist: Enabling Cain
Album: The Equation

Saturday, June 8, 2019  (special promo) - See more...
Artist: Garmonsway, Gibbon and Harrington
Album: Northeast

Full Album show of  Saturday, June 1st, 2019
AirCrash Detectives - Never Been So Happy (special promo)

4 Piece out of Raleigh NC. with special guest Steve Nieve. Indie sounds for those who love music.

Formed in 2013 AirCrash Detectives are Raleigh based 4-piece indie band. They are currently working on their 5th Studio Album, ‘Songs From A Retired Ventriloquist’s Dummy’ scheduled for release 04.01.2019.

We played this Album on Saturday, May 25, 2019

Artist: Eric Reed
Growing up in Bakersfield Ca to a family of artists I discovered music a young age. First learning cello then falling in love with the guitar I started writing my first songs at the age of 13. I moved to Los Angeles started my first rock band at 22 and played the club scene and festivals for years before going back to my roots and making the album (A Perfect Life). You will hear a blend of all my inluences growing up from Rock, Country and Americana. This album is 100% authentic and a true representation of who I am. All the music I write comes from the heart and soul. My goal is to move the people who listen to it. more...

We played this on Saturday, May 18, 2019

Artist: Jon Magnusson
This Is All It Takes EP

Jon Magnusson releases a groundbreaking EP in a unique online experience. --  Stockholm, Sweden, 30 April 2019. After releasing three EP’s within the realms of indie rock and folk, Jon Magnusson is breaking new grounds with his fourth EP “This Is All It Takes”. With five instrumental tracks ranging from psychedelic and progressive rock to classic jazz and even a solo piano composition, Jon proves his urge to always try new things and his musical versatility.
And it isn’t only the music itself that’s groundbreaking but also the way of releasing it. Instead of going through a label and putting it on Spotify, ...more

We played this ALBUM on Saturday, May 11,

Youth Chairs
with the album: Some Kind Of Amusement Park
Youth Chairs’ music mines many motherlodes, from British Invasion to west-coast pop to psychedelia to glam to punk to post, without sounding exactly like any of them. Amazing double female vocals mix with guitar/bass/drums, as well as the occasional keyboard, French horn, violin, harpsichord, tympani and you-name-it. Fast, slow, hard, soft – variety rules; but it’s all inimitably Youth Chairs.
The band originally existed a long time ago in Los Angeles, performing and recording in near anonymity. ...more

We played this ALBUM on Suturday, May the 4, 2018
Mat Walklate
My name is Mat Walklate. I'm a professional musician and music teacher and this website will provide details of the many bands and musical ventures with which I am involved.
My main instrument is the harmonica. I play diatonic, chromatic and tremolo in all styles of music, but predominantly Blues and Irish traditional music.
I sing and play harp in a blues duo with Sicilian guitarist Paolo Fuschi www.walklateandfuschi.com and I play harp with Tom Attah & The Bad Man Clan In Irish traditional / Bluegrass band The House Devils I sing and play harmonica, flute & uilleann pipes          More...

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