W. Dire Wolff

Featured Artist of June 14, 2019
with the song: Missing Her

Couldn’t find a dime’
Still I didn’t have the time
There was no place I wanted to be...
Missing Her

Full Album show of November 12, 2018
Album: Beyond the Zen Rodeo

W. Dire Wolff with Sundance Jump has been called "psychedelic folk rock" or "psychedelic Nashville". The guitar based Folk and Rock n' Roll songs are accented by the classically trained electric violinist. The music highlights Wolff's folk/rock ballad songwriting style with various extended jams, winds through country/western daydreams, jazzy tones, highway rock, hippiebilly hoedowns, songs sung in Japanese, and Americana music from the new frontier.
Sundance Jump is the latest recording project by W. Dire Wolff Band. The band plays original material and a variety of covers. With influences and covers ranging from the Beatles, Rolling Stones, the Grateful Dead, Gram Parsons, Pink Floyd, Johnny Cash, Neil Young, Hank Williams, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, and Elvis Presley, the band tries to emulate, as opposed to imitate, their favorite artists. This sound has been called psychedelic folk rock.
W. Dire Wolff Band provides a musical backdrop for a party or event; the band plays original material and a variety of covers. Music designed to encourage people to relax and have a good time. By playing a variety of well known and underground songs from early folk music to 60's and 70's rock music, the band can interject some original music that seamlessly brings together the "Northern California Jam Band" sound. People like to dance at the band's shows, and they also can provide some mellow tunes for breaking the ice as an opening act.
Currently the W. Dire Wolff Band is playing and recording mostly in Northern California's Marin and Sonoma Counties. The band has played at parties from Humboldt County to Marin, and plays select night club and venue performances. Performances and studio recording is the focus of this project. The first "Sundance Jump" album was released in 2015, with a follow up release in 2017.
Contributing Musicians:
W Dire Wolff - Guitars, Vocals
Johnny Rock - Guitars, Vocals, Harmonica
Burr Guthrie - Guitars, Vocals, Bass
Sarah Rosenberg - Electric Violin, Vocals
Album: Beyond the Zen Rodeo (2017)
"Beyond the Zen Rodeo" is a psychedelic folk rock musical album of songs by W. Dire Wolff, performed with "Sundance Jump" . (Digital Release November 24, 2017) Playing music that reflects the "Northern California Jam Band" sound; the band plays original material and a variety of covers. The second "Sundance Jump" album features Sarah Rosenberg on Electric Violin and Vocals, Burr Guthrie playing Guitars, and Johnny Rock plays resonator guitar, bass, and harmonica. The guitar based sound is accented by the classically trained electric violinist and brassy blues harmonica.

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