Lee Ainleys Blues Storm

Full Album show of April 15, 2020
Album: Evolution

Lee Ainley’s Blues Storm –a rising force in blues rock.
Fronted by an unusual pairing of mother/daughter, this musical powerhouse brings you original tracks with sounds rmly rooted in blues history.
The unique vocal pairing of Lee Ainley and Tori Mai Hobbs-Ainley showcases tight harmonies wrought from close family bonds and a solid musical pedigree from both the maternal and paternal lines.
Keeping good company with some iconic bands that have shared the limelight with two female lead singers, such as Fleetwood Mac and Jeerson Airplane, Lee and Tori Mai are fearless warriors of music. They delve into the substrata of deep rock with gritty vocals and deliver pure gold. They employ complex and beautiful harmonies that, whilst utterly dierent, blend together seamlessly.
This band has a supreme skill set which reects in the polished fullness of the songs.
These are built up with each member delivering their parts as inspiration hits. Lee
and Tori Mai provide song writing artistry for this body with the melody, harmonies
and life-inspired lyrics. The muscle is layered on by Elliot Young on lead guitar, who
has an instinctual understanding of what each song needs to come alive and is not afraid to take what he needs from any genre to make this happen. He gives structure and soulful guitar ris. The heart starts beating with patriarch Nat on bass and piano. Nat is no stranger to writing stunning songs. Dave on drums provides the rhythm of the heart and builds decoration within the songs that not
only lifts them but also gives them colour and breath.
The sum of two vibrant young talents and three mellow experienced veterans make this band able to look to the future as well as back in time.
The band have paid their dues and are now supporting both national as well as international acts including Jack J Hutchinson, Catsh, Eliana Cargnelutti, Eyra
Lyytinen. They will also be playing on the same bill with the greats such as Will Wilde, Nine Below Zero and Sugaray Rayford. Also coming up, they will be on the same bill as The Blockheads, Willie and the Bandits and The Animals in Cleethorpes Blues, Rhythm and Rock Festival in June 2020. Continuing on the festival circuit, they will also be appearing at the Hard Rock Hell Blues Great Yarmouth November 2020, which features Joanne Shaw Taylor, Mike Farris and Jo Harman amongst its headliners.
Their new album “ EVOLUTION”, which was recorded in January 2020 and will be released on 21st February 2020, will join their growing catalogue of recorded material. This rst full album of original material follows on from the successes of their rst two EPs, “Shoot Me Down” and “Bankruptcy”, which received a phenomenal media response and signicant national and international play on UK FM radio stations and other platforms.
You can follow their packed 2020 schedule on their Facebook page www.facebook.com/labluesstorm or on their website www.bluesstorm.co.uk

About the Album: Evolution is an album of 8 original tracks penned by members of the band Lee Ainley's Blues Storm. It was recorded at the Brighton Road Studios in Sussex during January 2020 and released independently on 21st February 2020. The album is a mix of blues rock, rock, AOR and NWOCR.

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