Full Album of August 5, 2022
Movement Outtakes

Demos and outtakes from the MOVEMENT era

Full Album of April 28, 2020
Album: Ghost Stories From The Recently Deceased

Dedicated to Lady
released April 17, 2020
All songs written by Nicholas O. Curran
Nick Curran - Vocals, Guitars, Synths, Piano, Misc. Percussion
(Bass on tracks 9 - 11)
Josh Wood - Bass, Drums, Hand Claps (tracks 1-8)
Vesper Luce - Percussion samples & Hand Claps on We Can't Wait
Album Artwork by JR Korpa.
license all rights reserved

Full Album of March 8, 2019
Album: Argument

STEREOMA has returned with a new full length album focused on interpersonal and social relationships and the disagreements that often result. It's straight up indie rock that still manages to be refreshing while also familiar. Nick Curran (Vocals, Guitars, Synth and organ) wrote the songs on the album in a period of only 3 weeks in a sudden burst of creativity.
He co-produced the album with Caleb Lewis (Drums, Percussion) who, upon hearing the early versions of recordings, made detailed notes on the direction each song might take. Taking Caleb's ideas and his own, Curran brought the ideas to life through composition, edits and creative mixing. Joshua Wood (Bass,Organ and Piano) lends his unique talents and personality to the record. All in all Argument took about 6 months to make due mostly to the geographical distance of the band members and the many hours Curran spent on mixing and mastering. Friends and family of the band supplied material support and recording gear as well as the band's own gear. Argument, therefore is a fully DIY effort with surprisingly professional results. It is certainly their most cohesive record to date, sonically and thematically and deserving of repeated listens.
releases March 15, 2019
All songs (music & lyrics) written by Nick Curran (c) 2019. All Rights Reserved. The Orwell Sound. Registered with BMI.

Produced by Caleb Lewis & Nick Curran.
Recorded by Nick Curran, Caleb Lewis & Josh Wood
Mixed & Mastered by Nick Curran
Material Support provided by Jacob Lewis, Matthew Lubeski
Vocals, Guitars & Synth: Nick Curran: IG @ahungryghost :
Twitter @FakeNickCurran
Bass, Organ & Piano: Joshua Wood: IG @joshuasilaswood
Drums & Percussion: Caleb Lewis: IG @calebroaster
Material Support: Jacob Lewis, Matthew Lubeski, Jackie Curran

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