The Silverbeets

Featured Artist of May 1, 2024
with the Album: Mr Brown Goes to the Cabaret

Artist's Biography
The Silverbeets are an indie band who formed in 2014 and hail from Hobart, Tasmania (the small island state of Australia at the bottom of the world).

This relative isolation has led to the crafting of an idiosyncratic sound that borrows from luminary rock acts like Pink Floyd, the Byrds, David Bowie, Radiohead, The Pixies, Queen, Fleet Foxes, Nick Cave, Simon & Garfunkel, Can, They Might be Giants, Baxter Dury XTC and Neil Young among a host of others.

The band is the brainchild of Farnz Cordeaux but has some regular members who also create pieces for the group, Nigel Hope (primarily Bass) and Bill O’Brien (primarily Drums) but they utilise many other prominent musicians in the local area such as, Konrad Park, Joe Haley and Dan Sulzberger. Their sound is also heavily influenced by their producer and multiinstrumentalist, Ernie Oppenheimer.

The Silverbeets have released:
• an EP, Purple Stems (Jan 2016)
• cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s We’ve got a Groovy thing goin’ (Nov 2016).
• A full length Album, Stay Tuned (June 2018),
• a polemic single, I’ve got to get Away (on an Hawaiian Holiday) (Jan 2020)
• A Full Length Album Halcyon Days (Nov 2020)
*Now* New Full Length album May 2024 - Mr Brown Goes To The Cabaret

About the Album

The Silverbeets have unfurled an evocative musical tapestry with their latest album, "Mr Brown Goes To The Cabaret" This contemporary rock-opera presents a compelling narrative that delves deep into the human experience. For those who appreciate the curious authenticity of Chamber Psych and the unruly freedom of Art Rock, this album offers a listening experience that The Silverbeets hope will resonate on a profound level.

The Silverbeets, featuring a formidable lineup including Farnz Cordeaux, Nigel Hope, Ernie Oppenheimer, Joe Haley, Konrad Park, Bill O'Brien, Dan Sulzberger, and Rob Jennings, have crafted a musical journey that traverses themes of resilience, introspection, and the complexities of the human psyche. The album is a modern-day psychedelic rock opera, a daring venture that seamlessly blends genres and paints a vivid picture of life through the eyes of the enigmatic Mr. Brown. This character embodies strength and vulnerability, love, and despair, serving as the lens through which the chaos and beauty of existence are observed.

"Mr Brown Goes To The Cabaret" resonates with the challenges of our time. The album invites us to reflect on our inner strength and capacity for resilience when faced with adversity, a message that couldn't be more timely. Drifting between the alienation of the digital age and self-discovery "Mr Brown Goes To The Cabaret" invites you to ponder the impact of your own choices in a world on the cusp of transformation. Like a drop in a vast river, our actions may seem insignificant, but they can create ripples of change. "Mr Brown Goes To The Cabaret" is not just an album; it's an evocative experience that challenges the status quo, encourages introspection, and prompts the exploration of life's deeper layers. The intricate musical compositions, soul-stirring lyrics, and thematic depth beckon listeners to engage with the world on a more profound level.

Featured Artist of Oct 21, 2020
with the song: Girlfriend

and December 30, 2023
With the song: 1 Lonely Brain

Artist's Biography
Formed in 2014, The Silverbeets hail from Hobart, Tasmania. The band craft an idiosyncratic sound that borrows from many luminary rock acts yet retain their own non formulaic distinct style.
The Silverbeets are a band that write songs that have universally recognised themes of love, hate, fear, addiction, as well as environmental and political based content. Enjoy or move along it's your choice.

Halcyon Days - Release Date Friday 13th November 2020 Stay Tuned was release by Australian act, The Silverbeets, in June of 2018 and was their first full length album. Prepare yourself to be taken on a journey. From the opening soundscape ‘All Cool People’ through to the last dying guitar notes of ‘Sunshine in a Glass of White Wine’, Stay Tuned evokes memories of a bygone era when radio was the shrine to which the avid listener came to worship. This is a nostalgic look backwards at how albums were once crafted as an entire piece to be cherished in one sitting like an 11 course meal, slowly savoured and fondly remembered after many years.


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