OCCO (theartistocco.com)

Featured Artist of May 5 , 2024
with the Album: ROLL OUT THE FOG!

Artist's Biography

OCCO, hailing from Miami, is an art-pop artist celebrated for his fusion of electronic, psychedelic, anti-pop, alternative, world, and classical music into one-of-a-kind production arrangements. Set to make waves on April 24, 2024, OCCO's album "ROLL OUT THE FOG!" emerges as a response to the tumultuous global and political climate, deeply inspired by the introspection and upheaval of the Covid pandemic era.

About the Album

This album embarks on a dystopian exploration of modern civilization, touching upon themes of tribalism, governmental control, propaganda, isolation versus connectivity, and the hedonic treadmill, climaxing in a call for revolution. Musically, "ROLL OUT THE FOG!" is a testament to OCCO’s versatility, blending electronic, world music, rock and metal, ska and reggae, and classical influences to craft a diverse sonic palette that mirrors the album’s thematic depth. Each song offers a unique, danceable groove, setting the stage for an almost cinematic listening experience.

The journey into "ROLL OUT THE FOG!" begins with the singles "Titans," released on February 23, 2024, and "I AM," released on March 22, 2024. These tracks provide a glimpse into the album’s rich narrative and eclectic sound, setting a high expectation for what promises to be a profound musical and thematic exploration.

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