Paul R Marcano

Featured Artist of May 4, 2021
with the song: Peace for the Puzzle

and Oct 1, 2023

With the Album: Life Can Change Your Life V02 - A retrospective compilation album of songs written from 1971 to 2022

Artist's Biography

I love creating and composing music, essentially expressing a synthesis of my perspective on the world I am perceiving. I am influenced by those impressions, which remain almost unformed until I commit to create something, whether it is audio or video. As an media artist, I work in the realms of virtual world development and the unique parallel Universe that is evolving inside these holo-deck-like cyberspaces.

I am more recording artist than performer so my palette is indeed found in the studio where my process can begin with a particular keyboard sound, often chosen randomly from all the sound nuances a synthesizer can produce. From there, I work on progressions and melodies that flow through me rather easily, mostly triggered by sound itself. Once something develops sufficiently, I begin the process of recording tracks as I navigate my way through the various streams of consciousness that cause a composition to evolve. As with a painting, sounds are layered like colours, playing what I hear out of the ethers. Eventually, I come to a point where I decide whether the piece, I am working on is structured more to become a song with lyrics or remain an instrumental. Lately, I have saved both versions, instrumentals being less objective and able to be used more broadly as soundtracks in my various VR projects.

I have found in these projects, mostly to be found on the VRChat metaverse (under my 'Artist3D' account), a home, where I can create and share a unified artistic vision that illustrates my music in a single allencompassing experience. Often as not, I create worlds that directly represent thematically, an entire album of my music. These become worlds where you can hike around as songs play or blend into different areas you find yourself exploring.

We live and love in a fantastic world, almost a Renaissance of creativity by so many people who have chosen the arts as their livelihood going decades back to the 60s from which so much was spawned and inspired. My pop-culture influences taught me how to do what I do in music with people like Alan Parsons teaching about recording engineering, the Beatles about song structure and sincerity, Pink Floyd, the broad brush of innovation and invention and King Crimson's McDonald and Giles for their artistic approach to concept album production.

If you enjoy the sound I make, I invite you to visit my website catalogue of albums at  and thank you in advance for your interest in my work/play.

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