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Portsmouth based post-punk/goth band Torpedoes release fourth album ‘Heaven’s Light Our Guide’. Born across the lost years of Covid19, and the chaotic aftermath, the album is a fine body of work, lyrically questioning with principal songwriter Ray (Razor) Fagan (Ex Red Letter Day) giving his take on the world we must all inhabit whether we like it or not. The album follows debut album The Gong Show (2007), Dark Times (2011) and Black Museum (2018). Heaven’s Light sees the band take their Post-Punk/Goth signature sound forward with an emphasis on keyboards, whilst retaining the spiky guitar driven edge that has served them so well in the past. Think Killing Joke, The Damned, Muse, The Cardiacs with a side helping of The Cure and you get close, ultimately however, they sound like Torpedoes.

“Goth punks with a twist … ambitious, well-arranged and pushing the envelope. A sound akin to the Manic Street Preachers, Muse and The Damned.” Vive Le Rock

Recorded, produced and mixed at Portsmouth’s Studio One28, with J D Callender of Cranes at the desk. The record is Indulgent, rich, layered with keyboards, and at the same time stained with angular post-punk, lyrically making observations that most can’t be arsed to see or deal with. With Heaven’s Light Our Guide Torpedoes have created a poetic body of work that nods to their past, examines our collective future and most importantly makes the statement that we’ve fucked up our world and we have no-one to blame but ourselves.

About the Album

¥ANG has been busy since the start of 2022 recording new material with Los Angeles based producer and Steve Albini protégé Manny Nieto as well as The Breeders and Morrissey bassist, Mando Lopez. The resulting material forms the basis of ¥ANG’s second EP – The Nieto Sessions, out now on Straight Up Records.

Portsmouth based post-punk/goth band Torpedoes release (5th July, all tracks available to play now) fourth album ‘Heaven’s Light Our Guide’, which follows lead single 'Tomorrow's Mine'. Principal songwriter Ray (Razor) Fagan (Ex Red Letter Day) gives his take on the world we must all inhabit whether we like it or not. Lyrically the album focuses on largely dark themes from the destruction of the planet & corruption to bereavement and historic tragedies. Including a song inspired by a mass suicide in the town of Demmin, north of Berlin in May 1945. Over a thousand of Dremmin's inhabitants, mostly women and children elected to commit suicide rather than face the advancing Russian troops...

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