Born and raised in communist Bulgaria, Krassy Halatchev (Icicle) grew up with a few tight friends who were true music maniacs. Being one of them as well, he studied and analyzed every note of the repertoire of his favourite bands (Pink Floyd, Genesis, The Police, The B-52’s, Depeche Mode, The Cure, The Clash…). With a little help from his friends (and band mates) he bought his first bass guitar – a Fender Music Master. It proved to be the best investment he ever made, for it changed Krassy’s life.
Following years of ardent practicing and playing in garages and clubs, the skilled musician fled from his native country and landed in Montreal one freezing-cold winter day in 1990. His brother-like peers from the band The Clouds accompanied him in this new and exiting adventure. At the time they were passionately devoted to the 90’s psychedelic rock. After many subway and club gigs, considerable magazine and newspaper coverage, and two full-length albums, the members of the band decided to explore new horizons, this time separately.
In 1996 Krassy joined the band Chiwawa. Produced by Steve Whitfield (The Cure, The Mission, The Trash Can Sinatras) and recorded at The Mission’s studio in Bristol, Chiwawa’s first album The Sick World of Yona won the attention of the media. Becoming a core member of the group, Krassy composed and sang a major part of Chiwawa’s seven albums worth of material.
In 2014 Icicle released his first solo album, Resurgence.
Multifaceted and very seasoned, this 13-piece oeuvre represents a passage door between the past and the future, a quintessence of lessons learned and dreams that lay ahead.
His second album, Theorems (2015) cemented Icicle’s broad musical path where rock, pop and funk elements stir a mixture of fresh, innovative and genre defiant sound – Icicle’s specialty.

Full Album show of October 21, 2019
Album: Senescence

Senescence (Icicle’s latest offering), in its essence, is about death, mortality and the finality of things.
Indeed, it is an album which deals with difficult subjects. It questions, and it consoles. It is full of zest, clarity and above all – peace and resolve. It celebrates death rather than dread. In fact, it even brings a festive feel to it.
The opening/intro track Killer sets the mood for a journey that is rich in amplitudes and anticipation.
The second track Questions (Part 1) gets to the point rather adroitly with a powerful and assertive tone. It is as if Krassy Halatchev (the main force behind Icicle) is racing with the clock but, in reality, aren’t we all?
The first single Talk Talk Talk was dubbed as “the best break-up song ever” by one of Icicle’s long-time loyal fans. It is a track that masterfully captures the feeling of abandonment, betrayal, hurt and loss. It grips with raw anger, despair and agony from the first note.
The second single Another Moment, featuring Laurie Gordon on lead vocals, is in full contrast to the latter. It is a soft ballad-esque tune which focuses on the importance of moments and details that matter the most. Time is running out after all.
Senescence is a record in the most traditional sense. It is an album which beckons you sit down and listen to in its entirety because, as Prince reminded us, “Albums still matter.”

Full Album show of January 17, 2019
Album: Provenance (2019)

Provenance, the latest album by Montreal-based Icicle, is set to release March 12, 2019. The album will be available to download and stream through all major online retailers. Fans can also purchase hard copy CDs through BandCamp.
In line with Icicle’s previous work, described as “genre-bending” (Darcia Helle, Sound Waves Review) and “pushing his own sound to the forefront” (Richard Lyne, The Appetizer), these 12 new tracks playfully point to highly eclectic influences, all the while furthering Icicle’s ever-shifting, distinctive sound.
Krassy Halatchev, the composer, singer, bass player and driving force behind Icicle, describes the album as life-affirming, built around themes of beginnings, growth, evolution, and love: “It reveres the miracle of life, birth, and growth, as well as strength, endurance, persistence, fight — all the necessary elements for one’s survival. Of course, love is the backbone of it all. As David Bowie says, ‘The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.’”
Fans who’ve come to know what Jeremy Bregman from Medium.com called Icicle’s “giant melting pot of different sounds, ranging from groovy, bouncy bass lines to tracks with a new wave, 80’s feel” won’t be disappointed with the buoyant Let It Snow or the defiant I Had Enough. The 11th track, Because You Asked, features lyrics by Antonia Gueorguieva, based off a verbatim-style notation of a conversation with Halatchev. The record also features vocals on select tracks by Laurie Gordon and Kat Howell.
Halatchev has charmed Canadian and international audiences for over two decades, following his defection from communist Bulgaria with the band The Clouds. From 1996 to 2012, he was a core member of the Montreal-based band Chiwawa. Since going on his own in 2013 as Icicle, he has released six albums. - Provenance now marks Icicle’s seventh solo LP..

# Name length Rating
1 Trans-Siberian Express 04:44 4
2 Let It Snow 03:00 4
3 Better Pin Me Down 04:05 4
4 Set To Go 03:52 4
5 Carry It On 04:26 4
6 Gone For Good 03:24 4
7 Smile 03:37 4
8 What A Way To Start The Day 03:57 4
9 Gallop 03:07 4
10 Blue Is Power 04:05 4
11 Because You Asked 04:40 4
12 I Had Enough 06:18 4

Full Album show of of January 20, 2018
Album: Silence (2018)

# Name length Rating
1 Best Not Talk 03:32 4
2 My Heart 05:02 4
3 Silent Screams 04:08 4
4 Winding Road 03:20 4
5 Life's A Stage 03:45 4
6 Move On (Earth) 03:51 4
7 The Two Of Us 04:34 4
8 JJ3 03:24 4
9 The Same Mistake 04:18 4
10 Move On (Water) 03:54 4
11 Hope 04:34 4
12 Faith 03:50 4
13 Love 06:36 4

Icicle’s newest record Silence is one of the finest in his acclaimed catalogue, taking him down yet another new sonic path, 5 albums into his career.
This is an act whose name has been built on the endless evolution of its own aural dynamics, innovative compositions, brilliant arrangements, and in that respect, Silence does not disappoint.
It is a bold, upfront, driving album, relying on grooves of pulsing keyboard twists, infectious guitar hooks and the off-kilter, slinky rhythms to carry the vocals of singer/bassist Krassy Halatchev. These songs are some of the most sensual, serendipitous, sparse recording to come from Icicle, showcasing a new dimension in his songwriting and marking Silence as that crucial next sonic step forward for one of Montreal’s best artists.

Full Album show of June 22, 2017

# Name length Rating
1 Tuck The Puck 01:26 4
2 Madness Is My Home 03:50 4
3 Win, Win, Win 03:46 4
4 Don’t Twist My Mind 04:09 4
5 1962 03:40 4
6 You Never Know 03:37 4
7 War 04:07 4
8 Smoke & Ashes 04:24 4
9 Meet Me A third Of The Way 04:20 4
10 Runaway Train 03:13 4
11 Super Connected 03:07 4
12 Do You Wanna Trade 03:54 4
13 Hanging Ten 04:19 4

Full Album show of  May 21, 2016

  Name length
1 The Cave 02:56
2 What Day Is Today? 04:22
3 Moonlight Dancer 03:27
4 She’s Kind Of Fly 05:20
5 Junkies Of The Rhythm 03:04
6 Boggles My Mind 04:51
7 Manic Panic 03:34
8 Paranoid Pigeon 03:51
9 This Better Be True 03:49
10 Nothing In You 04:28
11 The Edge On Which We Run 03:42
12 Fools Refuse To Learn 04:42

Full Album show of  November 2, 2015

Song length
Queue Me 03:42
The Angels Forgot How To Fly 06:04
Tattoo aCross Your Heart 03:49
Time Is Not On Your Side 04:12
I Am An Ant 04:10
Moonwalker 04:04
U-Turn 04:04
Ready To Steer 03:54
Chasing The Clouds 04:26
Coke, Popcorn And Bubblegum 03:56
On And On 03:46
Calma Calma 04:07

Full Album show
 October 9, 2015

Song length
Ice Storm 00:52
My Contribution To Society 05:05
My Complacency 04:27
My Sweet And Sour Room 04:25
Leave All The Wishing To You 03:56
The Light That Made Me Blind 04:07
Catch Me 03:55
Roll Up The Clouds 04:10
The Other Side Of Time 02:34
Ordinary Life 04:26
From What I Know 04:31
Grow So Large (I Touch The Sky) 03:51
Morning Bells 04:16

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