The Garage Band

Featured Artist of July 15, 2022
with the Album: Full Service

Artist's Biography

The Garage Band was founded in his garage by Joe Gilbert. During the height of the COVID pandemic, it was impossible to physically form a new band. This led to the "virtual" The Garage Band! With an incredible group of professional session musicians, The Garage Band began writing and recording the Album "Full Service."

This world-wide collaboration starts with Joe's lyrics and then the melodies flow through production to this our first album, "Full Service." The officialrelease date is Friday, July th. Look for it everywhere you download or stream music - iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, YouTube and many more! Be sure to follow the band on Facebook and Twitter too!

About the Album

The Garage Band's debut album, Full Service, is a collaborative work by a group of dedicated, professional musicians from around the world. Stretching from Brazil to Alaska, The Garage Band has been working on Full Service for nearly a year. It features 80s style rock songs like Diggin' It and Moved On, touching on the blues with Ghosts and Shadows to heavier songs like Only One. No Room for Evil is a tribute to the bravery of those fighting the invasion of Ukraine against Putin's aggression.

Released on July 15th, 2022.

The Garage Band:
Vocals - Chris Cron
Guitars - Leo Ceasar
Bass - Brandon Trent
Drums - Joe Gilbert
Keyboards - Pat Finelli
Violin - Vito Gutillo
Lyrics - Joe Gilbert

Produced by Joe Gilbert

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