Black Angel

Full Album show of May 27, 2020
Album: Lady Trumpinstein

Artist's Biography:
Black Angel is a San Francisco Bay Area Band that began in Los Angeles in 1999 with Audrey (Mrs. Ike) Turner as a singer; Ronnie Turner (son of Ike and Tina Turner) on bass and J. C. Martin as a singer/guitar player/songwriter and producer.
The band moved to the SF Bay Area in 2011 and has been recording new albums and playing over 100 live shows at some of the areas biggest venue including playing at the Navy Fleet Week Blue Angel
show; the Oakland Marathon; the Oakland First Friday events and scores of clubs.
You can hear many Black Angel songs at:
Two songs, Lady Trumpinstein (334,000 plays on Soundcloud) and Georgene (94,000 plays on Soundcloud) are two recent Black Angelreleases.
“Lady Trumpinstein”

About the Album:
"Lady Trumpinstein" is Black Angel's latest album and it features songs, "Lady Trumpinstein" (334,000 plays on Soundcloud) and "Georgene" (94,000 plays on Soundcloud) that are already getting lots of international airplay.

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