Shane Larmand

Full Album show of May 29, 2024
Album: Prairie Sky

Artist's Biography

Shane is an Alberta-Based songsmith who pens songs of prairie skies, mountain highs and nomad vibes . He has dubbed a style of music known as "Nomad Folk," which is best demonstrated in the dark, minor sound of tracks like "Star Hawk" and "White Horses in the Woods," both of which are featured on his second release; "National Ramble," a folk-rock gem that the artist likes to dub "my humble answer to Harvest Moon!" Larmand even features his own distinctive and mellow version of the aforementioned title track that showcases some soft tones on the metallophone. His shows are driven by tones of wood and wire, with finger-style acoustic, soaring vocals, haunting harmonica and the rambling jangle of the banjo.

About the Album

National Ramble is a rolling journey through the songwriters Canadian travels, misgivings in relationships and love of his daughter. This music is honest, emotional, real and engaging.

Full Album show of October 13, 2019
Album: You Are My Home

Shane Larmand is a roots-rock, Americana tunesmith, featuring shadowy blue songs of prairie anxiety and mountain love. This campfire tapestry of crackling wood, wire and crooning calls is an enticing mixture of the classic sound of an experienced musician with the fresh tones of an artist embarking on a new singer songwriter journey. Couple this with his distinctive, naturalist art personally created in a fine line, micron style and you will see how a Shane Larmand show is a riveting synthesis of line, lyric, passion and presence.
About the Album: You Are My Home is Shane Larmand's debut Folk-Rock release and it features a variety of styles that show a degree of the kind of spontaneity to be expected from a debut release. This album was released in 2018 and features very introspective songs of love, life and the songwriter's journey through the challenges of living with an anxiety disorder.

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