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  Open Vault 12am to 4am & 12pm to 4pm
Indie shuffle
4am to 8am & 4pm to 8pm
New Music 8am to 12am & 8pm to 12pm
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As soon as we receive a song through our system we rate it. If your music is good  for our radio, we'll play it. The question for the rating is: "How much do we want  this song to play in our radio?"
Most of the rock songs get a 4 star rating. We play all the new songs the same day and rotate them for the "New Music show", a 4 hour show, that plays twice per day. The songs also play (randomly) in the "Rock on" show a 4 hours, twice per day, "Open Vault" is based in our vast Rock Library. A 4 star song will rotate approximately every 20 days.
A donation will help any song to rotate every day for the amount of dollars donated, twice a day. This helps the new songs to get known. We rotate and play each song in "New Music" for 240 days then we rotate and play the 4 & 5 star songs in in the "Open Vault", and the "Indie Shuffle" show randomly.

# Stars given 0 1 2 3 4 5
Keep song in the Music Database No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Play song in Rotation No No No Yes Yes Yes
Play song in New Music show
for 240 days*
No Once Once Yes Yes Yes
Play songs  in "Full Album" show No No No Yes Yes Yes
Play song in "Indie Shuffle"
after 300 days in our songbase*
No No No No Yes Yes
Play song in  "Open Vault Collection" No No No No Yes Yes
Artist can have a Featuring page No No No Yes Yes Yes
Play song with a Donation No No Yes Yes Yes Yes