As soon as we receive a song through our system we rate it. If your music is good  for our radio, we'll play it. The question for the rating is: "How much do we want this song to play on our radio?" - Most of the rock songs get initially a 4 star rating.

* We play all the new songs the same day and rotate them for the "New Music" show, a 4 hour show, that plays twice per day.
* When your 4 star song becomes 120 days old in our database we start rotate it and play it in our "Open Vault Collection" show.
* Songs older than 2 years old they only play in our "Indie shuffle" Classics show.

Help any song to be heard. Visit our promotion page for more.

# Stars given 0 1 2 3 4 5
Keep song in the Music Database No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Play song in Rotation No No No Yes Yes Yes
Play song in New Music show
for 120 days*
No Once Once Yes Yes Yes
Play songs  in "Full Album" show No No No Yes Yes Yes
Play song in "Indie Shuffle" No No No No Yes Yes
Play song in  "Open Vault Collection" No No No No* Yes Yes
Artist can have a Featuring page No No No Yes Yes Yes
Can the song be promoted? No No Yes Yes* Yes Yes

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