Full Album show
We are an independent band from Long Island, NY and we play Hard Rock and Alternative Metal music for no good reason other than we like to.
The band has been playing shows in NYC, Brooklyn, Queens and the rest of Long Island, has licensed songs to major outlets, is on over 40 radio stations world wide and has fans across 6 continents (Antarctica is yet to get down with us).
(PST) Artist Song length
2:00 Verde All in Due Time 02:44
2:02 Verde Power 03:17
2:06 Verde Phoenix 03:32
2:09 Verde Me too 02:44
2:12 Verde Direction 03:36

Now if you’re the sort that enjoys good Adult Contemporary Rock music then WORLD5 has their finger on your pulse.
No need to look any further to get your fill on wonderfully structured lyrics, melodically soothing harmonies, and soul grabbing rhythm that bites at the point just beneath the sternum.
(PST) Artist Song length
2:16 World5 The morning light 03:23
2:19 World5 You and I 03:35
2:23 World5 All my heart 03:20
2:26 World5 So sincere 03:11
2:29 World5 Bring your heart home 03:24
2:33 World5 The line 03:35
2:36 World5 Jump and shout 03:16
2:39 World5 Walk away 03:19
2:43 World5 Dream house 04:04
2:47 World5 A day for lovers 04:22
2:51 World5 Living 03:36
2:55 World5 You and I  03:35
2:58 WORLD5 Heartbeat Of The World 03:49