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David Locklear
Kelly Green
This is the second Song I ever wrote. It is about the color.
Original performed with my band Tempura Cool. Steve Wilson on Percussion, Zack Faulk on the Sax and me on Guitar and Vocals. Make us famous and we will come and
visit. Stay Cool,
My Creole Girl
As a Traveling Singer/Songwriter I get a little homesick. I wrote this song in the car on my way back from a gig in Northern Mississippi. I was on interstate 20 heading east between Jackson and Vicksburg when it hit me. Every artist needs a good home state song. Enjoy...
The Weekend
I wrote this a couple years ago. The EP is on iTunes and Amazon. It is called True Love. It is about my weekend on the Mississippi Coast.

Please enjoy my Music. You can go to Facebook or davidlocklear.com and get more if you like what you hear. Just look for the dreads...
(PST) Artist Song length
2:00 David Locklear Cant promise anything 03:52
2:04 David Locklear Kelly Green 02:51
2:07 David Locklear Monochrome 03:30
2:10 David Locklear My Creole Girl 02:20
2:12 David Locklear Take A Chance 03:57
2:16 David Locklear True Love (Live at Luna) 02:34
2:19 David Locklear The Weekend 02:53
The "Dukes of New York" are:
Will Hessey – Guitar / Vox
Pip Bradbrook – Bass
History: Will and Pip have been playing music together since first meeting each other at school in their home town of Ipswich. They both have vast musical experience gained in previous bands, sessions, teaching, writing and playing live – together and solo. This, coupled with a great friendship,
resulted in a formidal musical partnership and thus the "Dukes of New York" were born. With the addition of band friend, and ex guitar pupil of Will's – Drew MacDonald - the Dukes have now re-modelled themselves from acoustic duo into a full band.
Where they've been: The Dukes have played festivals and gigs around the UK, including the much-acclaimed Willow Festival (Peterborough) in summer 2014 and Whatfest 2008/9 (Cheshire). In former guises Will has performed as far afield as Cornwall and Italy. They have also enjoyed radio play locally and outside the UK, featured on various US radio stations over Christmas 2013. They are thrilled to be appearing on an Electric Six track “Karate Lips”, to be featured on their forthcoming album, as this band is one of their major influences.
Latest release: Their latest EP, launched July 2014 titled “Wake Up” showcases their new full band sound, featuring 3 pumping tracks that are bound to grab attention. Starting off with the title track “Wake Up the Make Up” (a reflection on mis-placed snobbery), the second track “José” (a song of
unrequited love – with a twist) and finishing off with “Ventura” (inspired by the tangled love lives) this EP is bound to entertain.
(PST) Artist Song length
2:22 Dukes of New York Wake Up The Make Up 03:30
2:25 Dukes of New York Jose 03:57
2:29 Dukes of New York Ventura 03:51
2:33 Dukes of New York On Our Way To L.A. 02:20

Debut EP from singer/songwriter Jeff Ross. Original acoustic music that explore love, the wonders of our world and the tinkering of the human mind.
(PST) Artist Song length
2:35 Jeff Ross Serendipity 04:19
2:40 Jeff Ross Colors 05:08
2:45 Jeff Ross Red Eye 05:51
2:51 Jeff Ross Immunity 04:47
2:56 Jeff Ross Autumn 03:34