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Powerhouse recording artist VALERIE GHENT reaches deep into her NYC roots on her fifth self-produced CD, Day to Day Dream. A tour de force of driving piano, powerful vocals and a killer rhythm section, Val's hearty blues-soul groove electrifies these 11 original songs of love, determination & celebration. "Awesome songcraft and performances...Day to Day Dream is a stellar sixty minute effort that slips and skips between smooth, Gershwin-tinged jazz, swinging soul, and sunny ska. It's a confident album, a perfect showcase for Ghent's powerful voice."
Weaving together blues, soul, R+B, jazz and pop with her smoky 3 and 1/2 octave range, critics rave: "Ghent's got quite a voice, and it's her most powerful weapon on the album, hurtling into the stratosphere or falling into a low croon at will. Ghent howls, growls and snarls with precision and feeling."
Recorded with a live rhythm section of A-list musicians over a marathon two-day recording session, the album soars from the heart-stopping, bluesy title track to the lush 'Love Enough for a Lifetime'; from the driving piano & R&B thump of 'Wheels on a Train' to the South African-inspired 'Run Run Run'. Through it all, Valerie treats us to soulful, romantic, highly melodic music rendered with passion, sincerity, undeniable skill and a mighty heart.
An outstanding live performer, Ghent regularly wows audiences with her emotive, evocative voice, piano chops to match, and “soul-stirring, uplifting songs full of vitality and joy.” It’s no surprise that she has toured with music legends Ashford & Simpson and Debbie Harry, and shared the stage with artists as diverse as Dr. Maya Angelou, Billy Preston, Iggy Pop and Defunkt.
No gimmicks. No auto-tune. Simply music, world-class music, by an outstanding artist.
(PST) Artist Song length
2:00 Valerie Ghent Wheels On A Train   06:09
2:06 Valerie Ghent Buddy   04:43
2:11 Valerie Ghent Phased   04:59
2:16 Valerie Ghent See It All   04:13
2:20 Valerie Ghent Day To Day Dream   06:43
2:27 Valerie Ghent Run Run Run   04:01
2:31 Valerie Ghent Love Enough For A Lifetime   06:08
2:37 Valerie Ghent He s My Man   03:52
2:41 Valerie Ghent You Brought Me Home 06:44
2:48 Valerie Ghent Spread A Little Love   06:26
2:54 Valerie Ghent Show My Love   03:55
2:58 Valerie Ghent Supernatural 04:13