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With the power of Heart and the sensibility of Blue Rodeo; Canada's Happenstance deftly walks the line between pop, country and roots. Simple songs, powerhouse vocals and strong messaging make their music accessible and singable. Formed as an acoustic trio in 2010, the foursome now have 2 CDs available everywhere and no signs of slowing down. With songwriting accolades from Canada and the UK to contest winning performances, Happenstance's magic will capture you at first listen.
Happenstance has played in several festivals + showcases in Quebec, eastern Ontario and Toronto in 2011. They were crowned the best band out of 120 Montreal competitors at the 2011 Landmark events competition. Indica records president Franz Schuller, local music industry people and Josh Trager of the Sam Roberts band have all been caught off-guard by the Happenstance show. Exclaimed publicist John Asher: "they blew my mind". Happenstances new EP "Rain" is in stores and online now and features the new single "Gone Baby Gone"
(PST) Artist Song length
2:00 Happenstance Gone Baby Gone 02:54
2:03 Happenstance Big Dreamers 03:33
2:07 Happenstance Rain 04:18

Parallax Faction Our reaction to the 10th anniversary of the lies and the
propaganda presented as gossip that took us into the
invasion of Iraq.
This EP is available on a pay-as-you-like basis but we'd like
to point out that any money we receive from this EP will be
donated to War Child.
(PST) Artist Song length
2:11 Parallax Faction In Motion 04:24
2:15 Parallax Faction In Conflict 03:31
2:19 Parallax Faction In Ternal 04:33
Sugar Bear Trio is a break team very good team!!! All around 3 great guys! The music is every-one classic and timeless!!! The Entertainment WorldWide Network based in Los Angeles, CA
Sugar Bear and brother Ronzo were born in St. Louis Mo. and transplanted to L.A. Mom sang with Buck Owens, Jim Reeves,many others. Dad played in Danny Kays Orchestra and honky tonks.Uncle Andy and Uncle Royce were The hosts of 'The California Hayride'{pre Hew Hah} signed to Decca records as The Austin Brothers. Uncle Andy became a successful songwriter in Nashville and Uncle Royce and his daughter Jeanie became 'The Kendalls' winning 4 Grammys and Jeanie sang on Ringo Stars first solo album 'Beaucoups of Blues'.
Sugar Bear played and recorded in N-Sync as guitar player. That was like Stevie Ray bein' with David Bowe.He quit the band and began playing with brother Ronzo and son Kort ,14 at the time and started.
12 discography, 8 ABC Radio Effigy awards, toured USA and 8 countries and heard on the airwaves in 154. Enjoying touring with national acts and headlining. We have developed a love for the studio also.

Marvin Lee, INDEPENDENT MUSIC PROFESSIONAL, USAF “Sugar Bear is as fine an Artist and Repertoire representative as you are likely to find in today’s evolving music business model. Knowledgeable and personable while maintaining transparent communications, these are highly skilled and strictly ethical professionals. Highly recommended. Marvin Lee A&R, Dead Sea Records CEO, No Victor Music” November

“This is a very exciting and provocative group. This group is quite reliable and will delight any audience with it’s one of a kind appeal. Expect great things from the Sugar Bear Trio – they deliver today and for tomorrow with the best harmony, the best great songs and a style that is uniquely Sugar Bear.” August 10, 2009 DJ FEMMIE Jackson ,CEO, OWNER, MUSIC REVIEWER, DJ MUSIC REVIEWS, , SIERRA DONNAENTERTAINMENT
(PST) Artist Song length
2:23 Sugar Bear Trio Faceless Lover 03:25
2:27 Sugar Bear Trio The Lonesome Beaver Blues 03:57
2:31 Sugar Bear Trio Hot for You 03:34
2:34 Sugar Bear Trio Man on Fire 04:33
2:39 RC Bergeron City of Lights 03:31
I am Ray C. Bergeron, from London, Ontario Canada. My music is a unique blend of rock and roll and blues, with a twist of singer/songwriter in there. I am currently finishing up material to complete my first full length CD. The following are comments from a song assessment done of "Troubled Teen" by a member of the Songwriter's Association of Canada's assessment team: "I think the song displays a lot of talent", and "the bones of the song are solid, and I feel there was a lot of good work done".
I grew up in London, Ontario Canada and fell in love with music at an early age. I started playing guitar in my mid to late teen years and joined a band in my twenties. We played some local venues and events over a period of five or six years, but eventually we went our separate ways. I've taken three music related courses over the last couple of years which include Song Writing, Introduction to Music Production, and Improving Your Musicianship. All of these contained very informative content, and have given me more tools to use to successfully accomplish my writing projects..
(PST) Artist Song length
2:39 RC Bergeron City of Lights 03:31
2:42 RC Bergeron Drive 03:17
2:46 RC Bergeron Free Today 03:12
2:49 RC Bergeron Lost Souls 05:01
2:54 RC Bergeron Troubled Teen 05:47