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Shouted Songs review Far away from the joyful funky mood of his last album "Magic in the Air" this new work, titled "Shouted songs" reflects the actual social and political time: the broken dreams, the illusions, the frustrations of a great part of the human kind, in their struggle to survive to a crisis which is not only economical. Alessandro talks about the paradox of loneliness in the social communication era, where everything is sold by media like "peaches & cream" in contradiction with the fears of the younger generations for a future appearing uncertain and with no shared values to believe in.
15 powerful rocking songs shout the rage against a social disease which hit the weakest people and claim the hope for a strong, positive human reaction to open up our eyes and fight together to rise again.
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(PST) Artist Song length
2:00 Alessandro Bagagli Rattlesnake Highway 03:54
2:04 Alessandro Bagagli This Ol'House 03:37
2:08 Alessandro Bagagli Askin' 4 More 05:00
2:13 Alessandro Bagagli How Does it Feel 04:07
2:17 Alessandro Bagagli Everybody's got a secret 2 Hide 04:21
2:21 Alessandro Bagagli Comin'Back 2 U 04:22
2:26 Alessandro Bagagli Twisted 03:32
2:29 Alessandro Bagagli Don't Be Scared 05:12
2:35 Alessandro Bagagli If You were Blind 03:50
2:38 Alessandro Bagagli React 05:40
2:44 Alessandro Bagagli Think it Over 04:24
2:48 Alessandro Bagagli It ain't EZ 05:15
2:54 Alessandro Bagagli My Love Song on the Radio 04:30
2:58 Alessandro Bagagli Rise again 05:20