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The 3rd Bridge:
The 3rd Bridge is a reincarnation of a previous studio only project which started in 1991. At that time the project used the name "Private Universe" and had recorded several hours of original songs. By 1995, the project had grown to three collaborating musicians who had been bandmates in a struggling bar band. The "Private Universe" project was abandoned in 1995, following the death of one of its collaborators. The remaining two members then went their separate ways. In 2012, their paths crossed once more and occasional discussions led to a wish to collaborate again and begin a new project, The 3rd Bridge. We currently have 11 new original songs that were all recorded in 2014 and released as a collection named "Megachild." it's available on soundcloud.com/3rdbridge, downloadable for free.

(PST) Artist Song length
2:00 The 3rd Bridge Good Enough For Me 03:12
2:03 The 3rd Bridge Just a Fantasy 03:13
2:06 The 3rd Bridge Limitless 04:01
2:10 The 3rd Bridge Maelstrom of Love 03:47
2:14 The 3rd Bridge Megachild 04:08
2:18 The 3rd Bridge Observations 04:17
2:23 The 3rd Bridge Scenes From My Life 03:55
2:27 The 3rd Bridge The Sleeping Giant 03:57
2:31 The 3rd Bridge Vector Equilibrium 04:20
2:35 The 3rd Bridge Wings of Wax 06:57
2:42 The 3rd Bridge Years (That Have Changed You) 04:17