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Novakayn is a 6 piece Earthy Primal Pop/Rock bands who are passionate about being real in their music and attitudes, and passionate about World Peace. Caring for the future of our Environment and looking after our ailing planet are also high on this bands agenda.
This band with a massive heart is carving a unique niche for themselves in the world by making a difference both with their great melodic music and their cause... Peace! Novakayn's Earthy, Primal but Melodic sound and feel is getting people pumpin' with the looove!
Novakayn are currently in the studio recording a new E.P – Heal the People, with the first song - which is also the title single - Heal the People, set for release in early February 2015. The title track was written by James Peregrine Galbraithe, who wrote songs for Shrek & Pirates of the Caribbean. James was introduced to Kaz by Steve Porter, of Jades Lava Lounge, where Steve set up James & Kaz for a Skype session together. It was during this session, that
James asked Kaz if she would record a song he had written about peace. This was a passion they both shared...a passion for peace. Because this was a mission close to her heart, Kaz graciously accepted the gift. They are also finally recording a few of the live crowd favourites such as Illusion, I AM and a new version of Blue Tonight recorded as a duet...we think you will love it!

AM (PST) Artist Song length
2:00 PM Novakayn I Believe 05:39
2:06 PM Novakayn Distant Humming 04:32
2:10 PM Novakayn Jamaica 03:21
2:14 PM Novakayn Another Day in Paradise 03:18