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Makar (pronounced Mah-Kar) is a 15th century Scottish term meaning Poet and also a dark and groovy little New York band. A guitar and piano driven indie-rock band that makes Punk and Poet rejoice and dance together.
Makar began with Mark looking for a band to join as a singer and finding nothing appealing, so Andrea said "why don't you write your own songs?" So he did! But Andrea kept butting in and adding her 2 cents, so Mark said, "why don't you write a song?" So she did. And that's where it all began!
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Makar consists of Andrea DeAngelis, co-singer / songwriter / guitarist from New Jersey and Mark Purnell, co-singer/songwriter/pianist from New York.
Music description - We share vibes ranging from Bjork to Bowie to Blondie with strong sixties roots, a retro-esque songwriting similar in feel to the Brian Jonestown Massacre but we’re not a retro band, it’s a folky, punky, indie mix. 

 (PST) Artist Song length
2:00 Makar Funeral Genius 02:30
2:02 Makar I Wanna Know What I Don't Know 04:44
2:07 Makar Belong Here 03:07
2:10 Makar Bottle of Beauty 03:39
2:14 Makar I Can't Tell You to Stay 03:33
2:17 Makar America Where Are You 03:42
2:21 Makar Worth It 03:29
2:24 Makar In the Know 02:52
2:27 Makar Show Me That Look in Your Eyes 03:53
2:31 Makar So Slow 02:47
2:34 Makar Three Times A Midnight 03:43
2:37 Makar Devil in a Dream 03:19