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William K. Ball, founder of 2006's Psychle Studio, a music production and performance project, joined with Linda Bombolino in 2009 to form EVP. EVP is a somewhat eclectic studio band who's song subjects range from the supernatural to historic events to crime stories. Some of EVPs songs are accompanied by videos on youtube on the williamkball channel. Evp has a small but ardent following dating back to the Psychle Studio days. Psychle Studio still remains active, but EVP is it's main derivative.

(PST) Artist Song length
2:00 EVP gold americana 05:15
2:05 EVP wild tidings 05:08
2:10 EVP hysteria from mercury 06:51
2:17 EVP The wishing well 06:23
2:23 EVP right with me 07:43
2:31 EVP everything in it s place 04:52
2:36 EVP in  32 05:28
2:41 EVP marquee lights 06:54
2:48 EVP maple lane 06:37
2:55 EVP hill incident 1961 05:16