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Disco Casino Three fellas from in and around Manchester and a gal from California. Disco Casino play a knocked together blend of post punk and alternative, or something like that. The band started writing music together and playing gigs a long old time ago, mainly as an excuse for a piss up. Nowadays, predictably, there is still the booze, but the snarl and aggression is rivalled by a more tempered tale to tell. The Clash, Joy Division, The Cramps - covers the usual suspects, but in truth there is a mix, too eclectic to go into, that has at some point influenced the band as a whole, or the individuals that make it up. Above all hopes and expectations is the desire to play our songs to those who want to hear them. Live and loud, preferably in the late 70s, but failing that, up and down these isles in 2015 will do.
Packing out the odd pub or club over the past few years is as about as dizzy as the heights have been, but several years of fighting and fucking things off have calmed down our own hype. Onwards and upwards. There isn’t anything else to do.
Culain Wood – Vocals
Rob Murphy – Guitar
Dave Gould – Bass
Deborah Vander Wall – Drums

(PST) Artist Song length
2:00 Disco Casino Violence 03:53
2:03 Disco Casino One Eyed Cass [Explicit] 03:03
2:07 Disco Casino Manchester Martyrs 01:58