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Phil Jackson
"I write from a very autobiographical view about everything that I'm feeling and experiencing at that moment, it's about getting things out.” says Phil, talking about his song writing process. The evidence of this is obvious when you listen to ‘The Sandy Sessions’, a collection of one take live performances by Phil Jackson, singing alone, accompanying himself on guitar. What’s even more astounding is that this was all recorded in one evening in June 2013.
The songs were captured by his long-time friend Nick Rowe in Nick's house in the village of Sandy in Bedfordshire, England. The all original collection includes a mix of new and old songs, some of which dating back eleven years.
From haunting ballads, like the emotive 'Going To The Fair', 'So Long Gone' and 'Lucky Me' to the more classic country train driven 'A Big Man' you get a taste of the different sides of Phil Jackson laid bare.
“I try and catch things quickly as the best things are here then gone. Sometimes I'm trying to getting across a message, other times it's just about a feeling and whatever needs to come out, like a therapy I guess” continues Phil.
A track like ‘Reading The Signs’, which was written after the death of Phil’s father in 2002, is the perfect showcase of Phil’s ability to take the rawest of subject and turn it into a melodic, uplifting journey which enters engulfs the senses and leaves you captivated…all in under 3 minutes.
After one listen to ‘The Sandy Sessions’ you’ll be forever thankful that Nick Rowe hit the record button that one evening in June.

(PST) Artist Song length
2:00 Phil Jackson A Big Man 03:12
2:03 Phil Jackson Lucky Me 02:32
2:06 Phil Jackson So Long Gone 02:29
2:08 Phil Jackson Butterfly 02:20
2:11 Phil Jackson Going To The Fair 02:05
2:13 Phil Jackson Who s Gonna Love Me Now 03:29
2:16 Phil Jackson Reading The Signs 02:38
2:19 Phil Jackson Searching 02:10
2:21 Phil Jackson Times 03:21