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It was destiny when Leslie Krafka attended her first songwriter’s workshop. Hosted by Terri Hendrix and Lloyd Maines that first workshop sparked her passion for songwriting, and began an enduring musical relationship that has resulted in Maines and Hendrix co-producing Leslie’s sophomore record on•ward. “That weekend was one of those moments,” Leslie recalls, “when you say ‘yes’ and it changes your whole life.” And change it did. With her new found passion fueled by hard work, Leslie honed her craft and found early success.
She was named Songwriter of the Year by the Houston Songwriter’s Association, as well as Song of the Year honors with Wandering Troubadour to boot. She spent a year at Jack Saunder’s White Cat Studio making her debut CD The White Cat Sessions.
With her sophomore release, on•ward reveals Leslie’s soft spot for writing about men of dubious character and the women who need them. Of the 11 songs on the album 10 are original and one is a home-run cover of Drunken Poet’s Dream by Ray Wylie Hubbard and Hayes Carll. Her lyrics reflect the maturity of life’s experience, but retain the zeal of one who’s young at heart. The production by Maines and Hendrix by keenly balanced, never overshadowing Leslie’s
lyric driven songs, but adding the right flourishes and Texas Flare for a record that is undeniably a pleasure to listen to.
With this recording Leslie is poised to venture outside of Texas and take her music to a much broader audience.

(PST) Artist Song length
2:00 Leslie Krafka Magdalena 03:46
2:04 Leslie Krafka Beauty 02:58
2:07 Leslie Krafka Drunken Poets Dream 03:48
2:11 Leslie Krafka Wine Women and Song 04:06
2:15 Leslie Krafka Stay With Me 04:14
2:19 Leslie Krafka Whiskey High 03:54
2:23 Leslie Krafka I Want Love 03:37
2:27 Leslie Krafka South Texas Fall 04:25
2:31 Leslie Krafka Jewel 04:44
2:36 Leslie Krafka The Pain of Losing You 03:48
2:40 Leslie Krafka Freedom Train 03:37