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The Harsh Blue is a rock duo formed by Paul and Bob Geller. They have performed together as a trio, with a guitar player called Joziel, in the 90´s, in a band called The Diamond Dolls which recorded two albums: "The Diamond Dolls" and "The Diamond Dolls 2". This last one, recorded at Zod Studios, from the ex-Mutantes Sergio Dias, took place as a light of joy because their involvement with that genius musician, who taught them everything they know.
As the band collapsed, they´ve got apart for several years, until a day that Paul knocked at Bob´s door and invite him to record some brand new songs that are now being released. Welcome to the Friday Rock Nights!

(PST) Artist Song
2:00 The Harsh Blue Vegas
2:04 The Harsh Blue Light Of Shadow
2:07 The Harsh Blue I Am Off My Limits
2:10 The Harsh Blue Every Time I Fall Asleep
2:13 The Harsh Blue Free Of Your Love
2:18 The Harsh Blue I Don't Mind
2:22 The Harsh Blue Better Think You're Mine
2:26 The Harsh Blue Baby I'm Not Fine
2:29 The Harsh Blue Everything At All