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I am Falcon Down a songwriter writing across multiple genres.
I will not be pigeon holed by a single landscape and will never play covers.
I am a fan of originality and hate to hear others piggy backing off the success of hardworking and talented song smiths.
Traction is hard to come by but I believe that if I continue to write what I believe is good music, not what I think others want to hear that I could carve out a niche for myself. This Falcon would be happy with a slither of the pie as I'm not greedy.

Rogue Frequencies out now and launched on Halloween 2014. 2nd Album from Falcon Down.

AM (PST) Artist Song length
2:00 PM Falcon Down Primer  02:28
2:02 PM Falcon Down Vandal Kin 03:10
2:06 PM Falcon Down Tin 02:45
2:08 PM Falcon Down Mining Asteroids 03:19
2:12 PM Falcon Down High Velocity Alt  02:25
2:14 PM Falcon Down Remnants of Tomorrow 04:09
2:18 PM Falcon Down Death by a 1000 words  04:04
2:22 PM Falcon Down Lick and a Promise (Explicit) 03:32
2:26 PM Falcon Down Baler Twine 03:08