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Jake O'Neal
The product of a small farming community in rural Colorado, Jake first tasted classic rock as his father would play and sing him to sleep each night. Dylan, Clapton, the Beatles, the Dead and Marley became the soundtrack to his childhood, inspiring him to pick up a guitar and learn the chords himself. As the years passed, Jake immersed himself in every musical avenue his school offered, training on drums, trumpet, baritone, and bass and filling iconic roles such as Danny Zuko and Guy Masterson in the theater. During lunch breaks and after class, he could often be spotted leaning against a wall, guitar in hand, singing originals to whomever would listen.
After graduating valedictorian from Holyoke High School, Jake left his tiny pool for the big pond of Boulder. As an Electrical Engineering student at the University of Colorado, he spent his spare time crafting his solo act and performing with several local groups. In his senior year, he beat out 87 other vocalists to place 2nd in "CU Idol," prompting him to turn his love of music into his full-time focus. He finished up his degree, graduating first in his class, and then immediately jumped into recording his first original EP, "Jake O'Neal." The self-titled project was produced at Notably Fine Audio in Denver and featured seasoned vets, Eric Thorin on bass, Mark Raines on drums, and Gary Bragg on keys.
Jake continues to reside in Boulder and pursue his musical ambitions. Every week, he hosts “Moorhead on Saturdays” inviting local talent to perform their works in an intimate and casual setting.

(PST) Artist Song length
2:01 Jake O Neal Out of Sight 03:08
2:04 Jake O Neal One Way 04:21
2:09 Jake O Neal She Burns 05:25
2:14 Jake O Neal There There 03:53
2:18 Jake O Neal Clocks 03:59