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'Primordial Moonshine' is a bold exploration of the band's growing strength and sophisticated writing capabilities, led by an uncompromising style and attention to detail. Honest and interesting lyrics consider philosophical, social, spiritual and personal stories, delivered with poetic strength and a
confident musicality.

The Broux
hail from bohemian Bacup, a hidden gem nestled in the hills of East Lancashire and home to a myriad of talented musicians, artists and songwriters. The original artwork for The Broux's new EP is a fine example of local talent infused with friendship and a free spirit. Oil on Canvas and painted by Stewart Johnson. The Broux are proud to promote his work alongside their own. Rose, Mick, John and Linz represent some of the very best independent recording artists working in an underground scene, where the real music industry resides.

 (PST) Artist Song length
2:00 The Broux Noise 03:32
2:03 The Broux Bright Blue Sky 05:53
2:09 The Broux Samye Ling 03:49
2:13 The Broux Knock Three Times 04:58
2:18 The Broux Change 04:54
2:23 The Broux I'd Know 03:43