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Larkins - Bitter Lady - EP
"For a band so early in their career, they're already a powerful live band. Front man Josh Noble has the style and stage presence and, most important of all, the voice to lead the band. Dom Want's lead guitar though almost steals the show, full of killer hooks and riffs coursing through each of the songs they play tonight" - Night and Day, EventheStars music blog “The limelight’s right where it should be” professes the second verse of ‘Good Old Fashioned Love’, however if that were true in this case, we’d be hearing hell of a lot more about a band bursting with potential like Larkins in the wider circles of music, than we currently are. A four-piece outfit hailing from around Manchester, led by the soulful vocals of Josh Noble, fleshed-out by Dom Want’s effervescently catchy lead guitar, coupled with sharp, to-the-point bass lines from Jamie Spencer, all the while held together by the subtle yet prevalent drums of Matt Williams" - Warehouse Huddersfeld gig, The Indiependent "Immediately we’ve struck by their clever lyricism and a real ear for driving rhythm and melodies, particularly on recent EP track Bitter Lady." - The Whiskey Sessions, EventheStars music blog Formed in 2012 during their first year at college this bands history airs on the side of cliche. Meeting at Loreto college in Manchester, Jamie Spencer and Josh Noble started with small jamming sessions, introducing lead guitarist Dom Want into the group a few months later meaning Jamie would take up the Bass. After a stunted start with studies/exams and the usual Oasis covers the band started to move away from acoustic rock to a more driven Indie sound.
A re-occuring problem was the void left behind the kit. After a couple had tried and failed to keep up with Doms everchanging licks and riffs, Matt Williams, another music student, came in to fill the line up. Writing sessions followed and a couple of names were chucked about eventually settling on 'LARKiNS' after being influenced by the poet Phillip Larkin during English classes.

AM (PST) Artist Song length
2:00 PM Larkins Bitter Lady 04:25
2:05 PM Larkins The Last Man 04:20
2:09 PM Larkins Good Old Fashioned Love 04:18