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Kristia Di Gregorio is a survivor. With trademark grace she tells of the near misses... the accidents, the near drowning, and most recently, the breast cancer diagnosis that came on the heels of her latest release, The Whiplash Curve. "I've made it through things that have killed two of my main influences, Lhasa de Sela and Jeff Buckley", she says. "Leonard Cohen better live forever."
Her body is a patchwork of scars that tell the story of a life lived, much like the lives of the unruly women of the past she draws her inspiration from. Although many songs have a historical interest, like the story of a Belle Époque madam in Cornelia, Cornelia, the song is based on her years of living next door to a brothel in Victoria, BC. Even her river accident finds its expression through a parallel tale of L'Inconnue de la Seine in The Most Kissed Lips, an ode to the girl who inspired the face of the CPR dummy still in use today.

AM (PST) Artist Song length
2:00 PM Kristia Di Gregorio Cornelia, Cornelia 04:48
2:04 PM Kristia Di Gregorio The Disappearance of Antoine Labelle 04:32
2:09 PM Kristia Di Gregorio Oh My Heart 03:53
2:13 PM Kristia Di Gregorio Painted by Boldini 04:18
2:17 PM Kristia Di Gregorio O Soldier 05:00
2:22 PM Kristia Di Gregorio Fading Flame 04:06
2:26 PM Kristia Di Gregorio Empty Pockets 04:08
2:30 PM Kristia Di Gregorio Pretty Things 04:08
2:34 PM Kristia Di Gregorio Vincent (Starry, Starry Night) 04:35
2:39 PM Kristia Di Gregorio The Most Kissed Lips 05:18