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This is Jon Storm's second album.
Jon Storm's compelling music was conceived in a congress of Southern soul, rock'n'roll, Georgia gospel, rowdy rockabilly, and backstreet blues.It was born in kudzu-covered bars, in alley-entrance studios, in lakeside pavillions, and in small-town armories rented out for Friday-night dances.
It matured on the road with touring bands, bands that played on bills with Otis Redding and the Rolling Stones, bands that played halls and dives and piers and colleges and even on the Dick Clark Caravan of Stars.
It was disciplined in the demands of a staff song-writing stint at the west-coast publishing branch of giant MCA in Los Angeles.
And it has finally come of age in Jon Storm's albums.
Jon Storm's music is a tour, a journey across the rich and varied landscape of the culture that gave it birth. There is wall-shaking rock, there is soul, there is the wrenching wail of a blues harmonica, the exuberance of a back-porch guitar-pull, a tremolo trip to '50's angst, a sad cello solo, and at times even the faintest echo of a gospel tent across a dark field.
But whatever the musical texture, they all are traveling companions to the poetry of Jon Storm's lyrics--sometimes ironic and funny, sometimes sarcastic and bitter enough to peel paint, sometimes touching enough to move the most calloused heart, but always surprising in their depth of perception into the human condition. "If you don't know Jon Storm, you will." Stephen Mitchell, movie producer
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AM (PST) Artist Song length
2:00 PM Jon Storm Don t You Lie To Me 06:16
2:06 PM Jon Storm As She Came In 05:56
2:12 PM Jon Storm Not Union Avenue 04:44
2:17 PM Jon Storm Loving You 03:37
2:21 PM Jon Storm Sanctuary 04:28
2:25 PM Jon Storm If You See Me Coming 04:03
2:29 PM Jon Storm Over And Over 03:30
2:33 PM Jon Storm Memphis Pointed Train 04:46
2:38 PM Jon Storm You Brought Your Faith To Me 03:04
2:41 PM Jon Storm Too Much Not Enough 04:15
2:45 PM Jon Storm Don t You Lie To Me 05:00
2:50 PM Jon Storm Memphis Pointed Train 03:12